I Found A Love 2

The more I know you,
The more I want.
The more you show me,
The more I want to be like you.

I want to think like you, act like you, be like you.
I cannot,
But through you, I can.

The more you talk to me,
I want more.
The more you listen to me,
The less I want to talk.
I want to be, have and always know you.

How heady this feeling is, how very much in love I am.
To think that before me, you loved me completely and first.
To think that this is one love, I cannot get wrong,
For it is nothing that I am doing,
But simply you becoming.

Thank you, for loving me. Thank you, for choosing me.
Thank you, for holding me and never letting me go.
Thank you, for the daily gifts you give me,
I am the richest one of them all.
Thank you, for this amazing experience, called my life.
Thank you, that you are my life, as I become less of me,
and more of you.
Thank you for being my everything, my Lord and Saviour,
my Soul Provider.
Thank you, that I can say this every day, through every thing, Lord.

I Found A Love 2

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