Waiting For The Willing Heart

Those things you want, the things you need, that which you most hope for, but seems out of reach… ever thought it could be because of how you want it?

We are human, and so we are made up of needs and wants, and spend our lifetime fulfilling or attempting to fulfill our hearts’ desires. Some work for and achieve monetary success, others the family they want, yet others the service to others. No matter who we are and where we are, we all have things we want and wish to have. For most people, we settle or stop dreaming once it becomes apparent we are not going to be able to achieve our hearts’ desires, in the form we ask for it.

Think of something someone has always told you to do, or said you should do. Think of the resistance you put up, based on your personal reasons. Personal reasons are valid to us. They may not make sense to everyone else, but they are valid to us. Think however, of the times in your life, when you have actually gone ahead with the idea, or what you were told to do, and how it worked out for you. Think how once you made the decision, or started on whatever it was that was forever suggested to you, you wondered why you never did it sooner, and how easily it fit into your life.

Think of something you have seen in someone, and told the person countless times that s/he should do it. Think of the ways you tried to show the person how this decision could work out for him/her. Think of the reasons that were given to you, by that individual, and how you thought that they just sounded like excuses, or fears. Think of how sad or mad it made you, that the individual just did not see what you were saying, as you watched him/her struggle with the same issue.

It is only when things make sense to us, that we do them. It is only when our personal reasons and convictions stop making sense, that we listen to what we have been told all along. We may beat ourselves up, for not having made this realization sooner, however, there is no blame to be placed here my friend; our hearts have to be willing.

Willing hearts let go. They let go of the dream, idea and vision that we have of what we want and how we want to achieve it, and by letting go, allow us to see how we are going to achieve it. It will not come by how we want it to, but how it needs to. It will be exactly what we need, however, we have no control over the how, that which our heart was holding onto.

God waits for the willing heart. He can and will reveal Himself, to the willing heart. If we say that we do not believe in God, no matter what we are shown, then we are the ones who have decided how we want Him to appear, not as He really does.

If we believe that God does not hear us, and is not, and cannot help us, then we decide at that moment, how we prefer Him to help us. God is not human, however, and for very good reasons. He does things for our good, and everyone else’s good. He may not give you what you are asking for, for He knows what you do not. He may take His time in answering your call, for He is waiting on you to do something else, that will make what you are asking for, more complete.

He may say no, for He has a better plan for you in mind. He may say no, for He knows that despite your best intentions, you may make a colossal mess of what you are asking for. He may say yes, however give what you are asking for, in a completely different way, so that you may enjoy its fullness. Whatever His reasons, He sees what you and I do not, and He knows why we are asking for what we are asking, and how we will use it.

God does not punish us, for making the mistakes we do. He does not punish us, for not recognizing or quickly seeing what He is doing. We punish ourselves, when we let go of our dreams, when we switch directions, and when we decide He does not exist. He does not punish us…He just waits.

God waits for the willing heart, for it is in letting go and letting God, that we can allow Him to do what He does best, which is to bring everything together perfectly for us. When our heart is willing, the blessings that we blocked, by attempting to direct our lives our way, begin to pour. It may seem like a good turn of events. How about if you remember, that your heart is willing, and what you are now receiving, is simply what you were praying for.

Do not punish yourself, for not seeing what others want you to see. If you are highly convicted on any particular topic, and feel strongly about it, ask yourself if you are willing to let go of your thoughts. Ask yourself what is truly holding you back from seeing things in a different way, then ask yourself, if you are willing to allow God, to show you His way. It will not be easy, it may not happen overnight, but you can believe that it will happen, because He promised never to leave you. God is not human that He should lie.

He will show you things that will make sense to you. He will help you change what you need to change, and prepare you to receive what you have asked, for it is His pleasure, to give you what you need. You are His child. If you so love your own son and daughter, and would do anything for the ones in your life that you love, believe that God can and will do so much more for you, His child.

The desires and wishes that God put into your heart, will be made complete by Him. Allow Him, and if you cannot, because you are only human, and have a human heart, ask Him to please help you see what your pride or fears will not allow. If you choose to place your trust in Him for everything, even those things that you never thought you could dare dream about again, will begin to happen, in His way, in His time, with the permission of your willing heart.

Be encouraged, friend. Everyday that you are living, is another day for Him to work on you. Trust that there are no coincidences, and there is nothing for you to do, but to trust Him. He will tell you, and show you what to do. He will not lead you astray, He will not scare you. He will not punish you, He will never leave you. God is going to be with you, every single step of the way, for you are His child, and He will not have it any other way.

Waiting For The Willing Heart

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