I asked God to take my problems away from me. He said Sure. I want you to go over and be a friend to whomever I send your way.

I started to mentally run through my options, thinking that this wasn’t going to work. I was too weak, prideful and afraid. I did not think I had the energy to be a friend, when I couldn’t even be my own friend.

I finally decided I didn’t really have an option because trying to solve things myself hadn’t done much for me throughout the years. I believe this is the reason we were at this stage?

I said yes, and now struggle with fighting the urge to close myself in when I feel hurt, angered, sad, depressed or betrayed.

I see why it is important to trust God throughout this process. I understand this psychological warfare is necessary. You see spiritually, God is taking my problems away, and replacing them with seed-bearing virtues.

In my human world I thought that answered prayer always constituted the literal removal of problems. In humble adoration, I am understanding that God is giving me permanent solutions to my problems.


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