Assignment 2: What Is Your Perception Of Death?

My heart used to break into millions of pieces any time a beloved artist passed away. My latest heartbreaker is the great and late Whitney Houston.

Now, my heart rejoices despite the way these people with highly favoured skill sets leave the world. I am beginning to understand a few things about how I should perceive death as relating to my life. Here begins Assignment Two.

Our comfort level with death arises from our experiences, and our interpretation of our experiences with it. We may be terrified of what we have experienced, or seen others experience, or we may be looking forward to an exit similar to others we have seen or known of. We may also not think about death much but this also lets us know how much we have been thinking about our lives.

Death is to be expected. By thinking about it, we are not actively “inviting” it into our lives, or stealing life’s joy by not living. We can start to think about this, so that we update the facts about death for ourselves, and what best can be done in preparation. death is inevitable, therefore we may as well prepare ourselves to meet it. Preparation starts now, not when it comes knocking at our door.

On a piece of paper (Assignment the heading said, right?), and as honestly as you can, write down the reason/s why you fear death. Once this is done, think about and write your feelings, thoughts and reactions to what you have just written. Keep doing this as you go down the paper or pages. Think about and write your thoughts and your reaction to your thoughts. Keep doing this until you feel that there is nothing more to write or think about in respect to what you started out writing. Look at your writing from the top and read it to the bottom, allowing what you have written from the heart to tell you in proof, what you truly think and feel about death.

You know you are in the right track if you immediately think I didn’t say that I fear death…. This lets you know that you are still willing to fight through that which you think or believe about death. Should you sigh and think mhmm…what Don’t I fear about death… lets you know that you are in the right track too, for you are willing to face your fears.

As you begin to think about death, you will notice that all the things that you are looking at, could be moved over to the Life line, where they actually belong. If you do not want to die in what appeared to be severe pain in a loved one, look to see what you can do now to mitigate this future scenario. If you do not want to leave loved ones lost to fend for themselves, then make sure that what you are doing now with your days will avert that.

Thinking about Death helps us prioritize our Lives. The passing mark for the assignment, is when we begin to look at the grand picture, with less and less thoughts of us, and more of those we love. Thoughts translate into actions, and our actions will begin to change, to reflect the values we are now instilling and imparting to ourselves, and the rest of the world.

Assignment 2: What Is Your Perception Of Death?

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