What Can A Person Like Me Do?

This is for the average person, walking the earth, trying to live life as best as s/he can. It is a small reminder that with a little change or focussing on our thought patterns, we can start to live our lives on purpose. I do not speak of the purpose of making money to pay for our way, or trying to crawl out of terrible relationships… but the cumulative purpose of all our lives’ experiences.

Why are we amazed or surprised when we find out things about each other? We always respond to people and situations based on our existing catalogue of “facts”, memories and experiences. Whereas this can serve in good way, as will be later explored, our expectations of things and people, end up working toward our detriment, more often than not.

I believe that everything in this world operates on a cycle. The world’s shape is almost cyclical. We destroy the earth, and it unleashes the consequences of generations of abuse by wiping us out and starting anew. Cycles describe  peoples’ lives. We are born and we die. The cycle starts again. What is unique about all things, is that each person and event is never quite the same. Each thing that is seen and unseen is unique in itself. Much like the elements of earth, we are all built with unique specifications.

If we forget ourselves and look at the grand scheme of life, we begin to see how all of humanity and the world is interconnected. It is true that not one action performed on your best or worst day is lost to eternity. It is because of your thought and action, that a series of events take place. It could be as simple as leaving the house five minutes later than planned, or choosing to allow Christ into your heart.

What seems to be a decision based on and contingent upon our survival, in fact affects more than just one life. This is why it is important to be very aware of our lives, what we live for, and what we hope to leave as a stamp on humanity. It does involve a great degree of self-sacrifice, and once this is understood, one realizes that it is the fear rather than any action that freezes us from acknowledgement and movement.

Self-sacrifice involves lifting one’s head up to see more than the view ahead, which is narrow and singular in perception. Self-sacrificing means letting go of those traits, people and things that we have allowed to define ourselves with. Self sacrifice involves a long process of having what we thought or knew tested and tried, against new knowledge. This knowledge cannot be fed to us by television sets, radios, newspapers, books or the internet. It is definitely not dependent on the people we have in our lives.

The knowledge I speak of is timeless. The message has never changed, and the entire universe subscribes to it. It also means, that the knowledge will not be loud, agressive, competitive or silent. It cannot be found by a self-serving person. Its very virtues keeps it hidden in plain sight. Do you get a small idea of why it is important to shed those elements of yourself that you believe fully describe and reflect your attributes?

What we use to define ourselves has to be loud, so that we can listen and adapt. We tell ourselves which family or friends are for us, what jobs we can and cannot do, whom we shall and shall not marry… as though our minds, bodies and souls are incapable of intimately knowing what is for and against us.

The focus becomes us, because as we proceed in defining ourselves in the world, in relation to those around us, and what we believe of ourselves, we are required to. Is it not strange however, that those who operate apart from the rules of society (aggression, bullying tactics, competition, pride etc), seem to have elements within and around them that only produce the best results in whatever situation and circumstance, every single time? What of that peace and presence that they exude when walking into a room, the kind people usually buy via title?

When we trade the elements in our lives that we previously used to purchase the things we have (types of relationships, jobs, housing etc), for the code of the universe, freely given by that which Created it, we see how we are able to use the new skin that has now been provided to us.

We begin to understand how our selfish (no matter how unconscious the decision) thoughts translate into actions that affect those closest to us, and others as well. We begin to appreciate the beauty in all things created in a way that we previously did not have time to. We start to work toward contributing toward the betterment of humanity, and the hard work starts with those closest to us. Suddenly maintaining victory over an argument, becomes less important than wanting to restore and build a stronger relationship with a person.

These are the skills that can be utilized in all aspects of our lives. If we are fighting with a colleague or supervisor at work, we start to employ the learned skills to turn the situation around, by actively seeking to understand what our opposition has to say. We learn where the miscommunication and discrepancies lie, and work to fix these. Any person in any situation can become a great friend to you, or someone who could help you down the line, if you choose your attitude from the inception of the problem.

The above is just an example. Now in this case how would previously stored “facts” , memories and experiences help? We are able to review past events from start to finish. This is supposed to be an amazing tool. If we are not clouded by the emotions that exist to self-serve, we would be able to see ways in which  we had control over what we thought, said or did in this example, and apply previous knowledge to our new situation, only in as far as it is helpful.

To ask how one will know whether the information will be helpful or not, is the first indicator that you are not ready to grow or learn. You are content in reviewing things from the passenger seat of your life, and accepting things that happen, as they happen to you.  Your life is bigger than that. You were created to do more than struggle to survive. You were created to live, breath and enjoy every single moment of your life, regardless of person or situation.

What Can A Person Like Me Do?

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