Who/What Is Your God?

I have said before to be careful about what/who you choose to be your god. That which you pursue becomes your master. Now whereas we may believe that we have this area covered, let me give you a few scenarios to bring what I am saying into perspective:

S1: You can and do have a drink all the time for various reasons. You may find an increase in consumption during times of success, self-trial or pity. If you have worry or anxiety, the amount of drinks will increase, to accomodate what is going on in your life. The following is a litmus test as to whether this became your god.

You just like to drink. You enjoy it during happy and sad times, it puts you to bed and wakes you up. Drinks complete your meal, and they generally make you feel good. You are not prepared to quit, even though someone has asked you to.

This should not be the case. Alcohol should not even be something that immediately comes to mind as things happen in your life. This goes for anything else that can be enjoyed in moderation, and unwittingly turned into a vice, a thing that is pursued to bring peace and joy.

S2: You find that you are enjoying your position in the company because you have worked very hard to get there. You have always waited for the power and privilege the position entails. The next paragraph is your litmus test.

You fully utilize your position to better situate you for more, for you did not get to where you are just to visit but to stay.

Power is addictive. One cannot help but start to get selfish with ambitions and desires, especially as more doors open. The hardest and toughest competitors are not like-minded individuals, for they come with a price.

It would actually be the ones with something precious that is wanted, and cannot be bought because its price is Principle. Money is not power to principled people, the principle is, and that is their negotiating power. These two powers can never be friends. The more one figures s/he cannot do without the money, title or what it brings, the easier the decision to pay whatever one has to, to make a problem go away.

S3: You find that your life has dramatically changed for the better since letting Christ into your heart. You have no words to describe the joy you feel in your heart in your life experience. Here is your litmus test.

The more you grow and learn about yourself and others, in relation to God’s love in whatever capacity, the harder you work towards revealing this. It becomes more difficult to ignore what you are seeing and experiencing, and easier to let go of things you previously thought were needed to make it in this life.

Your personality starts to change, including your habits and thinking patterns. You start to pursue things that always belonged to, but were also unknown to you, with the single desire to share your best work.

It is inevitable that what we all start out pursuing for our own intentions, eventually becomes our master. This works for both good and bad things.  Those who start out to save a tree or help a person in need, or even just decide to live a good, decent life, end up doing this in bigger and better ways than they initially intended.

Those that start out wanting to never be in a position whereby money is needed for basic things, end up acquiring and accumulating more wealth than they initially thought they could handle.

No matter what it is, and our reasons for doing it, we are all in pursuit of something. Let us always be mindful of what it is that we are pursuing, because it can always be tied down to the one singular thing we started out with. In all things, remember that with the rewards we get in choosing our masters, there are prices to be paid too.

In our examples, drinking and money will purchase or destroy on our behalf, as Christ will provide and defend on His followers’. The more we go through life, the less we can do without that which we started to pursue. As well, the more we experience, the more we see the need to have these things in our life.

With this knowledge, and keeping in mind that we do not get to do this all over again, what and whom did we choose to be our god? Are we willing to gamble our souls for things that belong to the world? These things could never buy that which we ultimately look for; peace, joy, happiness, and just doing whatever it is that we were meant to do.

Things of the world will purchase for us whatever we will need to drown out this innate desire, so that we may have peace… but as some of us probably know, the hole only gets bigger, and vices all the more dangerous. It is never too late to redirect our intentions, or revisit our plan on what we want of our lives, and what we are willing to do for this.

It starts by looking at what we hold dear to our hearts, and what we would do to acquire or keep these things or people, and then what we are doing in order to achieve or maintain this. What are we pursuing, and how willing are we to gamble our souls for that?

That which we pursue becomes our master. Our masters’ path is always clearly present before us, and there is no ambiguity about how it all ends. The real question then becomes, are we willing to pay the price of that pursuit.

Who/What Is Your God?

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