Assignment 1: Live Your Life, And Live It Well

Hey! We are all going to die. No, really. It is not something that we want to think about, or maybe we do, but we cannot pretend that it is not a fact of life, or that it leaves no human behind. It is time to start having honest and necessary chats about this.

Let us look at the concept of death, our lives and how the two are closely intertwined. Fears are what keep us hostage, and this sounds like something fearful, but it should not be. Let us face these discussions, so that there is nothing to fear.

We need lots of paper and pen for this.

If you knew that this would be the last day that you would have any speaking abilities, that is, that you would not have a voice forever (whatever reason), what would you spend your last day doing with your voice. While this question is leading, in that you will automatically think of what you would do with your voice, knowing that you would never hear it again, I am going to ask you to include to whom and what you would say to them.

If you knew that you could only speak to one person today for the last day, who would you choose to speak to, and what would you say.

These are not questions set up with the intention of scaring you, or making you feel unprepared to deal with, or talk about this. It is merely a way for you to know where you are, in terms of what you say and whom you hold dear. Some people may not have specific people or things that they would do, others have a bit of a list, and even these choices get mentally switched, added or removed every few seconds. It is good to know where we are with our perceptions of our lives.

This is more than writing wills or telling people around us our wishes. This has to do with our current lives. Are there people that we could easily make amends with at this time, if in fact it just means putting our pride or resentment down. Do we have small items in our lives that we can attend to now, because this is the only time that they can get resolved, not long after one of the other is dead.

The biggest huddle with this question and assignment, is in thinking about how we feel about the individual, and what we will have to do, with getting to their level for a mutual understanding. These are the squabbles and misunderstandings that can be easily resolved, if we really wanted to. If it just means picking up the phone or sending a text message, for the item to be solved, then this is the assignment.  Make amends with those that you can right now, because when it comes to critical moments in our lives, we want to make sure that regret is not the motivation to think about who we would have loved to talk to one more time, or what we would say to someone.

This can be done starting today, if you are willing to start immediately improving your life by increasing your peace of mind, and better securing yourself for death, so that it will not matter to you when your life ends, you will be confident that you lived it and lived it well.

Assignment 1: Live Your Life, And Live It Well

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