Why It Is Hard To Believe In God

It is hard to believe with all that we see and experience, in God, let alone a god. We do not have to endure societally horrendous events in our lives to feel this way. We are quick to determine what is considered horrendous by our concept of fear. What is it that we cannot imagine happening to those we love, and us, and our having to survive it? That is what we consider a horrible event in our lives.

There are some experiences we hear or witness that we consider truly horrific in nature, but that again is based against our personal understanding of what we could consider horrible. Unfortunately, and slightly on a different tangent, humans fail to appreciate each other’s seemingly mundane and non-problematic events, for the burden and toll it takes on that individual’s life. What happens to us is private, and the extent of the damage, is always only known to us. It is sad that we fail to appreciate this quality, that belongs to us all.

Back to the original point of the essay, some of us find it hard to believe in God, even when He is all around us in every way, for greater and lesser reasons. Basically, in a world where we are only privileged by our perceptions and experiences, it is hard to see God because for some of us, there is always a more rational way of explaining what has or is happening.

There are others who, much as they would unintentionally and subconsciously blame themselves for bad things happening to themselves, do not believe God exists amidst what has befallen them. This again, is subjective. For one it could be the loss of a job or child, for another the devastation of people in a mine collapse. All experiences are valid in the eyes of the Lord. Pain is pain, no matter how we each perceive it. To God, any of His children’s pain is His pain. He feels it all, even those things we would not consider painful in the larger scheme of things, like the pin prick on a baby’s toe for a blood sample.

It feels like too great a chance, to believe in something that we cannot see or hold mortally accountable for what has or is befalling us. We would rather deal with tangible aspects, so that our lives and the event, hold a greater meaning and purpose than it was to be. The last part, is not an acceptable answer, because it does nothing for the anxiety or pain. It cannot just be that it was meant to be, it has to be that something somewhere did not pan out for some reason. The who, what, where,  when and why is important to our lives, because we are instinctively built to protect the ones that we love, and ourselves.

For all our good intentions and dreams, we see things are they are, and this too is a matter of perception and relativity. We may dream of being a particular person or thing, yet simultaneously remember that all we are allowed to do is dream. The answer is very simple. There are very few idealists that have made it in this world. For every one idealist in fifteen, only one in fifteen hundred seem to make it. The ones that do and profess the simple truths of getting there, in a cold and harsh way of looking at it, seem like any other ordinary folk out there, trying to make money selling something to someone.

There is nothing wrong with the way that we think, for as long as we do not insist on old thoughts, when we know better. If we know something that potentially changes the way that we think, speak or live, we are supposed to allow our way of thinking to change, to accept this new information and grow by assimilating or replacing previous thought. There is something wrong in knowing better and choosing to accept less. Somewhere along the way, we made the active choice not to believe in something, not for any other reason than we rejected it, not that it was very clear.

God reveals Himself to us every day in every way. We try to pit things that we discover along the way (for example scientific discoveries) against God, as though to say aha! Here is more proof that you do not exist! See! I discovered this, or I made that! when this can be equated to a child creating something out of the LEGOs his parents have bought him, and throwing it in their face as an example of what s/he can build without the parent. There is nothing on this earth and beyond that God does not know about. He created the geniuses behind the discoveries. It is His delight when His children are happy, ecstatic and marvelled at His creations, and the masterpieces that are His children.

God does exist and as much as there is information to state that He does not, there is equal amount to state that He does. At the end, it all boils down to one thing; belief. Faith is the glue that binds people who believe, to what they do. For those that choose to believe in God, He exists for them. For those that do not, He does not exist for them, because they have not accepted Him. Much like a relative or friend that we do not see or care to find out about due to unresolved feelings, God cannot exist for us, if we do not let Him. Yes, He has Supreme Will, but He will not force His way into our lives, as we do to others to show them how much we care. God does not operate like man.

He is always talking to us. If we are honest with ourselves, and look back to times in our lives when we have thought something about the way we live, and the thought at that time was extremely clear, we can admit when supernatural things happened to us. We all have those stories. No man on this earth is exempt from this, for we are all loved the same, and God misses a deep, personal and meaningful relationship with us all. Imagine His patience, that in addition to sending His Only Beloved Son Jesus Christ, He still waits for the willing heart.

Why is it not hard to believe in God? Now that…deserves an essay of its own! See Why I CAN Believe In God.

Why It Is Hard To Believe In God

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