Why I CAN Believe In God

Why It Is Hard To Believe In God looks at some very basic reasons as to why we make the decisions that we do, in not believing in God. This essay looks at why we can. Much like the other, it will attempt to be basic.

Some of us believe in God because we need to believe in something greater than all that has been made and/or discovered, for meaning. We have to believe in God, for our mental survival. We have to believe in God, to soothe our spirits, so that what we are going through in life, makes sense. Things have to make sense, for they cannot remain in the nonsensical realm for too long a time. We are unable to know how to move or proceed, without understanding what just took place.

Others believe in God, because they have seen Him in His works in their lives, time and time again. In all things, and mainly only in hindsight, are people able to see the ways in which God moved in their lives during certain times, with a surety that He will continue to do the same for the rest of their lives. We have concrete examples of when God moved in our lives, and experience a fellowship with Him that cannot be easily explained and understood by many.

Some believe in God because this is all that they know to do. They were born into a belief system, sustained throughout childhood in lessons, and adulthood via experience. Some are ardent believers, while others say they believe in God, although not actively. They believe that there is a higher Being, a Power that surpasses all humans and things, and would rather die believing this, than that there is no God, to later find out, that there is.

We can believe in God because if we ask Him to reveal Himself to us, we can trust that He will. He wants us to know Him (not the other way around), for He knows us. There is no set way or ritual to ask God to speak to us. We can only do what we do best, which is be ourselves, and however we ask, even in not expressing this desire, we can trust that if He is in fact God, who created and knows us so well, that He will answer us.

We can believe in God because if we are willing to, He can show us all the ways He has been in, and worked through our lives, especially those moments we acutely felt His absence. It is His desire to show us who He is, and what He has meant for our lives. If we further trust Him, with the remainder of our lives, we know that He will never leave us, because we will always know that He is there guiding our path.

We can believe in God because He introduces us to Jesus. For all our worldly and theological knowledge, not everyone understands who God in Three Persons is. We falter in our understanding of a man called Jesus who is the only path to salvation, and our general belief in God. For some of us, explaining that we believe in God but do not know Jesus in the sense that “saved” Christians do, brings in feelings of inferiority by the smug or urgent response we receive. For those who believe in God, trust that if we search hard enough to make that belief an active ingredients in our lives, we will know Jesus, and things that previously did not, will now begin to make sense.

We can believe in God because all we have to do, is ask Him to reveal Himself to us, and He will. If we are of a sincere heart, and are seeking because we want to believe in the life that He has promised us if we have faith, then He will come. God is not man that He can be fooled. He knows the ambitions and intentions of the heart, more clearly than any human can. He made us, so there is nothing about us that He does not know. We are unable to ask Him to reveal Himself to us for show and tell, or on the supposition that we are doing an experiment. God is not a bluff.

We can believe in God because He is not human that He should fail to keep any of His promises. Ask or talk to Him today, about anything that you have ever wanted to know, and remember that it is His desire to have a personal relationship with you. He did not create you that you should be alone in your struggles, joys and despair. He is always right there with you, and longs to show you how. Give Him a chance, then you will know why you believe in God.

Why I CAN Believe In God

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