Thought For The Year

It is a New Year, or a continuation of the previous year for others. Here are a few things to remember for this year, no matter where this finds you:

1. You have one life to live. It belongs to you.

2. Everyone has an opinion on you, no matter what you say or do. So do you.

3. God created you with a purpose, and only He can tell you what it is. So ask only Him.

4. Live, love, give, share and experience fully, so that you may have no regrets, at the end of the year. You also want to fully receive what has been set aside for you.

5. Allow yourself to laugh, cry, moan, yell, smile, and do all things human within the moment.
Trust that God is greater than anything that you will be presented with, and above all else, He knows you very well. He and not you, are God.

6. Every year you are alive, is another gift from God, to see how far your wings can soar. This is your time, your moment, and your life. Live it.

7. What do you want your tombstone to say, and what will you do today and for the rest of the year, to make sure this is true. Start now.

Thought For The Year

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