Of Christmas Cheer

Let us not forget friends,
Those who have lost loved ones, who have no jobs, no family, no money.
Let us remember, those who are struggling, who are lost, who feel hopeless.
Let us keep in our hearts, those whose hearts are torn, or no longer belong, to them.

More so than the gifts we purchase,
I pray that we remember the gifts in us to give.
More so than what we hope to receive,
I hope we remember what we already have.
More so than any plans for the coming year,
I pray that we forgive ourselves, for not completing what we thought we would this year.
I pray that we extend mercy to ourselves,
Not think any less of our hopes and our dreams,
Just because they did not seem to pass.
For remember we may plan, but we do not have the final say.
Remember that we may start, but it is He who finishes.
I pray that we are grateful, for the gift of life,
In whatever fashion you may find yourself in,
That we are alive, and that with each day, we are granted permission to LIVE.
Life is too short to have enemies,
Life is too fragile not to forgive,
Time keeps moving, so that there is no room for regret,
Today is a day in which we can live, give, allow, love, and breath.
I pray we let the things that have held us back go.
I pray that we are willing to learn, to grow.
I pray that we are forgiving, we do not count, we do not expect.
I pray that unimaginable peace surrounds us, this day and always,
so that we may remember, and never forget,
That Christmas Cheer, can belong to us,
All Through The Year.

Of Christmas Cheer

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