Is God Female Or Male?

Is God male or female? If He is not male, then why refer to Him as such?

God is Spirit. I refer to God as He for ease of writing purposes. It is expected that the writings are read with a comprehensive level of maturity, in which the reader engages him/herself, according to his/her own framework of understanding.

This discussion covers any writings on God and what the writer deems Him to be. To be caught up in semantics, writing styles and form etc does not quite signify the level of maturity I speak of above.

We can read or listen to anything out there, however, God expects us to use the faculties of our minds and lives to extract meaning. For this reason, the Bible and Christianity is one of the most misappropriated discourses, usually utilized to serve exact human purposes. Without understanding historical facts, theological truths, in addition to the authors of the Books, and their cultural upbringing and leanings, amongst others, it is very easy to provide our own understanding of what we read, hear and see.

It is impossible to adequately describe God, without submitting Him to levels less than God. Modes of expressions have been utilized throughout time and especially in the Bible, to attempt to explain and explore God and His relationship with us. Under the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, humans, attempted to reveal God as they experienced Him, and in the means in which they were gifted to. Some provided stories, others poems, some sermons and yet others prophecies amongst others.

It is the singular message in the Bible in spite of all its contradictions, that is hoped to be passed along; God’s love for humanity, and How He has shown His love throughout time, through supernatural events and human vessels. Not everyone will see this message however, and yet many more, will spend their time on the “discriminatory” nature of the writings, type of authors, validity of historical or theological truth, and the practicality of believing, amongst others. This is missing the point.

The Bible, and all other inspired writings, are not play things for one to discover how great his/her individual talent at grasping and dissecting material is; they are life plans that reveal God’s will for his people (all of us, His children), His love, and how this is what is going to save us in this lifetime, for the next. God is essentially telling us throughout the Bible; I know how hard your life is, your every day decisions, and the circumstances around you. I know how much you struggle, or try, or succeed, and when you fail, for I made you. I just want to always let you know, that you were never meant to walk this path alone, that I am with you always, working in whatever decisions you make, to bring it together.

Throughout the Bible, God says: You are not alone, and if you allow me, I will love you to salvation. I will love you more than anything you could ever do or say, more than any of your inherent flaws, more than any “impossible” situation that you may find yourself in. It is because I love you more than anything, that I will do what it is that I said I will do. I will never leave you, I will protect you, I will not give you more than you can handle, I have a plan for your future in which you will succeed, I will provide your needs, I will exalt you, where the ones you love do not acknowledge you I will, etc. God’s promises are everywhere in the Bible, culminating in the perfect gift for us; Jesus Christ.

How loving is God, that He spoke to us Himself, and knowing our nature, sent a part of Him to  be born to a regular low income family, under a common name, much like John or Jane is to some countries. This Gift lived a regular life as a carpenter, growing in wisdom and God’s favour, learning as He grew and walked with God, His divine purpose on earth, and carrying it out. Christ’s job was to show us that a relationship with God, meant just that. It did not mean an over-study of religious writings, a strict following of religious ritual, and a strict adherence to rules and regulations; quite the contrary.

A relationship with God, is supposed to be freeing, not restrictive. All the above may be possible for people who are fortunate and are able to count the blemishes on their records, however, for a lot of people out there, prostitution, abortions, adultery and fraud amongst others, is the way of life, due to their particular set of circumstances. We may not have the privilege of reading religious material, and adhering to strict moral codes. With the haughty eyes of “God-fearing” people, and our own despairing and never-ending situations, God’s salvation would not seem to be an option for us; society’s sinners.

Christ came to talk to these people, to let us know that actually, God loves us, because we have no-one, we were judged, we were the last to be picked, we were scorned, alone, afraid and hurt. God was and is watching us. So instead of listening to man, and his interpretation of what God wants, Christ was, and is asking us to believe in God, and build that relationship with Him, follow God and not man, no matter the person and/or situation.

In getting this message, as we continue to search for, and speak to God, as only we individually can, do we realize that the message and its application to our lives, is what counts. We then begin to understand the importance of raising our maturity levels, in terms of reading, listening and watching, so as not to miss the message and get caught up in the wording and styles, on and so forth.

God is Spirit. He embodies all the male and female characteristics He endowed to the children made after His own image. Read this essay again, and see for yourself, where female characteristics, and male characteristics, have been employed in God’s message and gift to us. God is Mother and Father. He creates, He protects, He provides, He soothes, He speaks, He listens, He holds, He embraces. He is Love. That is what God is. Love is not a female or male operative, it belongs to the spiritual realm. It is real yet not tangible, exhibited in action. Love is unconditional, and so then is our God.

Is God Female Or Male?

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