What To Do With A Realization

When you make a realization shake it’s hand. That’s your friend.

Realizations are cold, factual hits. Eyes widen and sometimes lips part, as the dawning upon takes place. It works out for us if what we realize is congruent to our wishes. If we needed, but didn’t exactly want to make a realization, it’s a cold factual slap. Let’s think about making this tool our friend.

Awareness, no matter how unwanted is necessary. They give us valuable pieces of information about our plans and actions, and can propel us in the right way if we learn how to act upon it. The opposite of this amazing gift is despair, which is known to kick in at about the moment we make a realization and are unwilling to change or acknowledge things. Despair’s twin is anger, and it loves to rush in the wake of a realization, especially if pride is required to protect us from understanding the ramifications of the realization to us.

You know why Pride, Anger, and Despair would want to keep us from acting upon our realizations? It would be because, we would know and understand, how some of our thoughts and/or actions have been the sole reasons for not having fully grown in important areas in our lives. We could be horrified and work to change these things. Instead, these things that we allow to grow alongside us, would rather tell us that realizations are a scary thing, and that they need to be avoided at all costs.

Realizations are a good thing. They let us know along the way, whether we are in fact on track, or far from it. Realizations open up our eyes, and allow us to see things as they really are, not as we wish them to be. See, this is a good thing. It seems harsh, because we cover things up with a lot of pretty things, as determined by our ego. The truth then, would always seem harsh, but in fact, it could be looked at, as the lie having been so sweet and deadly. The lie had to be sickeningly sweet, so that we could believe whatever it is that we allowed our egos to tell us.

Realizations belong to the truth, and those are your friends; things that belong to the truth. You would want to know the truth, so that you may move on, stay there, or start something. It does not mean that you are going to be alone, in your realization, with no courage to move forward. It just means that you have tools around you that are meant to steer you in the right way.

Acknowledge the realization, and you will soon start thinking about it. If it concerns something from the past, you are not allowed to beat yourself up. It is enough that you recognize how previous words or actions resulted in a less than favorable outcome for you, no matter how you felt at that time. If this is something that you can impact immediately, proceed in humbly listening to the cues you will receive to help you with that. There would be no room for your ego here. Admit that previous ways did not quite work out, and be willing to ask God to help you out with seeing and moving clearly.

Realizations will become something that you want to have more regularly, for with each, you will learn and hence grow. It may not take hold in a week, a month or a year, but it will get there. We are not able to beat ourselves up for not moving up faster or higher on our realizations. We need to remember that it took us a while before we got here, and that some habits, and ways of living, are going to take a little longer than a year to fully dissipate. As long as we are willing to keep trying, no matter the time and effort in between, this is okay… our God waits.

We are not alone. We have to consider that realizations are our eyes being opened, and by this, literally think of something outside of you, opening your eyes so that you may see. It is much like the friend who points out a different view of the same skyline, one that was always there, and that you just did not notice, for you were too busy staring at your one spot. That would be what realizations are, an opportunity to learn and grow.

Things will not happen overnight, and as I will always advocate, feel free to ask God for help. If we do not know how to discern our realizations, or know whether we are making a wise decision or not, take it up with the Father. Seek Him out in prayer. Ask Him for guidance and assistance, and that your heart is willing. He is the one who opened our eyes, so why would He not care about what we do with them?

What To Do With A Realization

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