A Hope and A Prayer

Wherever this finds you,
This prayer is for you.
For your hopes, your dreams, your wishes, your heart’s desire…

Father in Heaven, and all around us.
Thank you for the gift of life.
Thank you for waking me each morning, and for protecting me as I sleep at night.
Thank you that no matter what my day brings,
Or fails to accomplish,
That I am dictated by your terms of life.

I bring you my heart, my soul, my life.
I give you these things, for you first gave them to me.
I give you my dreams, my hopes and my wishes.
I pass them over to you, for you first gave them to me.

Life is hard, and the road is rough.
I want to believe, especially when I cannot see.
I want to know, when it only resides in my soul.
I want to have faith, in spite of what my reality says.

My reality is not you, and you are me.
My life is not me, for you are it.
I give you my known and unknown desires,
That only you can bring about to be,
According to your will.

I pray for patience, endurance, perseverance,
Unending love, forgiveness and kindness.
I pray that you show me what I need to change, or let go,
So that I am in the best position to receive what you have planned for me.

I pray to keep walking,
Even though my path is unknown.
I pray that I trust you,
More than anything.
With Christ as my Shield and Sword,
My Only defender,
I come and lay at your feet, my Lord,
Your child, the work of your Hands, Father.
I lay by your feet, for I believe, that your Finger is on my life.
Now and the rest of my days,
I trust you, in all ways,
I adore you, in everything,
Teach me to obey you, above everything.
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

A Hope and A Prayer

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