She kept looking out her window at the stars.
This is the only way her mind could wander free.

Her thoughts knew no boundaries staring into water or the sky,
The elements were free, boundless and as beautiful as her mind’s world.
She kept dreaming, hoping, praying,
That what she saw, would soon be.
Minutes turned into months,
Months into years,
Her heart despaired,
Still she kept looking out,
Kept dreaming, kept hoping, kept praying,
For as long as there was a sky, and there was sea.
What she thought she saw, now blissful imaginings.

He kept walking, his path was long and hard.
He kept on walking, he had a goal in mind.
His road was hard, it was long, he got lost.

He found himself, after minutes, months, years.
He was tired, confused, hungry and hurt.
What made sense at first, now did not last.
Sense turned into cents, he had nothing on his feet.
Still he kept walking,
Kept on walking, kept walking, kept walking.
For as long as there was road, and life in him.
What he thought he knew, he now started to learn.

They met by the water and under the sky.
Along their long, hard road.
She did not ask what took him so long.
He did not ask why she never gave up.
It was in their eyes, the windows to their now joined souls.


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