Immeasurable Blessings

Did you know that every minute of every day, God is blessing you? Whether we recognize it or not, whether we see it or not, whether we are going through hell or not… every minute of every day, blessings are raining upon you and your life.

Did you know that once you take your eyes off the “large” things, you could see what I mean? You may not have a job, or a job that fascinates you enough to leave you motivated every day, but for as long as you think of only this, you will miss the blessings around your situation.

You may not have much money in the account, or a love to call your own, but for as long as these are your pending thoughts, you do not allow your eyes to see the blessings flooding your life as we speak.

If your situation cannot change overnight, do not make it an over-all-nights thinking process. If your circumstance hurts beyond repair, do not make it the wound you like to poke. Let your eyes lift up from your situation, and allow yourself to look at something else.

Perception is key. Sometimes we figure that there is only one thing in the room to stare at because it is so huge and taking up all the space. In this instance, the treasure may be in a little corner of the room, that once your eyes shifts to this smaller thing, will make the elephant in the room diminish in its power.

How many times have you wanted or expected something, and once received, realize that it does not live up to its hype, or does not fit into your needs now? How many times have you received something unexpected, that has worked for you over time, or was above all expectations?

When your relationship was failing with your loved one, did it seem interesting that your relationship with someone you earlier dismissed is growing closer? When you have a lack in something, have you noticed what you have an excess of?

When you are unhappy with the greying in your hair, do you notice how many times people complement your skin’s elasticity? When you are unhappy with the few pounds that you cannot seem to shed, do you remember how many times you are grateful you do not suffer from skin blemishes?

Take your eyes off the elephant in your room. It is only standing there, it has no power for as long as you keep staring at it. Stop staring at your money problems, your dead or non-existent love-life, your pathetic job or situation, and your destructive relationships amongst others. Choose your god. Who are you going to look up to, and keep your eyes only on.

Is it going to be money? So that it determines who you are, with or without it? Is it going to be a wo/man, so that how things are going between you determines your sunny disposition. Are you going to choose your job? So that it decides what you can and cannot do in this life? Who is your god going to be? The problem of the day? The feeling of the moment?

Choose wisely, for that which we pursue becomes our master. All these things, material or not, are by their very nature going to let you down. Money will be spent, relationships change, jobs end or hit a ceiling. Are you going to allow things and people to determine your life, your circumstances, and your happiness?

Or will you accept another of your daily blessings… the ability to choose your Creator as your God, seek Him in all things, and lean on His promise to take care of you. Whatever your day or future brings, keep your eyes on your prize, and call out however many times you have to: Lord, this battle is yours, I am not fighting it, I am keeping my eyes on you! However many times you have to, call out: Lord! Cover me. I do not know what is going on for I cannot see farther than my problem right now, I am trusting on you, as my insurance plan, to cover me. 

Whatever the elephant in your room right now, the one that is choking out the air, the one that is making you question even things that you know you have no right to question or berate for they are now in the past, look for the treasure in the room. It will be small, part and parcel of your life, so much that you have taken it for granted. Look for it, for it is still there, for God blesses you every minute of every day.

Immeasurable Blessings

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