A Beautiful Mind

Our minds are our greatest gifts, and folly. What a treasure or curse. The more self-aware we become, sometimes the more we realize we actually do not know a thing, and are continually learning every day. There is always something to be learned everyday.

Sometimes we learn that what we earlier thought was completely wrong, manufactured by information that we had at the time, feelings we felt and convictions we held. Once we get a different picture, things fall into place in a different way than we first perceived.

What is sleeping with a loved one, with one, and choosing to remain abstinent, for another, but choices individually made for personal reasons. Would the higher value be placed on a calm marijuana smoker over a vice-free angry individual? Who is more destructive, a father who continually disciplines his son for success, or one who allows freedom to nurture growth? Can one father be said to value his son over the other? What are all these but different decisions, made by people for different reasons.

Has anyone walked in another’s shoes to do anything but relate without assuming that shared experiences are the same? When do we as humans, set personal boundaries with what we allow ourselves to think of others, and consequent treatment based on our perceived knowledge.

Our knowledge is perceived, for regardless of its source, we internalize and interpret it based on our own thought process. No matter what we think we are capable of thinking, and no matter who we are, we are always interpreting situations against our own backdrop, and this in itself is bound to be flawed when considering others. We are bound to look at others and determine their thoughts and actions, against our own, and thus will always place a value on different people, based on our own interpretation. How can this then not be flawed in itself.

We only know of the rapist. Do we know that a false allegation was brought against him by a vindictive individual? Were we part and parcel of the justice system that requires police taking statements and filing reports, arresting and taking to court accused persons? Are we present when the justice system endeavours to protect a victim, perhaps crucifying another for a crime started with careless words and accusations. Do we know then regardless of the process of being cleared through the same system, what the perceived perpetrator’s chances of re-integration into society entail? Are we present to observe the destroyed familial and friendship ties, broken trust and tainted resumes the individual has to contend with.

What do we know of the thief. Were we there when the individual’s world came crashing down at a young age, when choices to eat or be eaten were made. What do we know of the decision making process to steal, to endanger innocent peoples’ lives, the risk of not going home today due to the nature of the game. Were we there to provide hope in a different way to generations of the individual’s family, or is it enough to judge from afar that the individual should have no excuse and problem rising from the gutter.

What I mean to say with all this, is that, at any given time, our information is simply our own. It goes without saying that two individuals can read the same article and walk out with different interpretations. Even similar minds have certain differences. We are flawed to think that our individual thoughts speak volumes for people.

All we can ever hope to do at any time, is respond from a humanity point of view.

The humanity point of view would be that which has taken many peoples’ lives over time. In a senseless world, the message has always been very clear: We can live in peace as brothers and sisters. We can love each other, as we love ourselves. At the fundamental level of all the religions of the world, unity is synonymous.

Idealistic to some, living proof for others. How can this be living proof in your life? By acknowledging that we are unable to look out at the rest of the world or society, and deem what can and cannot be changed or rectified. We look out at the rest of the world or society, including our own close settings, and things seem overwhelming, like a dream and some form of dangerous wishful thinking. We can but only look at ourselves, at any given time, and ask ourselves, if we did everything that we could do today, to love our fellow humankind.

Did we refrain from judging, no matter how much our tongue burned to speak. Did we listen, in spite of our ears’ threatening roar to shut out. Did we care, regardless of the number of times the same problem seems to have arisen. Did we count, the number of times we said and did something we thought was good, to reward ourselves.

Did we simply acknowledge the human lives placed in ours for the gift of rectifying perception. Did we learn how quick our pride and ego are to step in on our behalf in forming opinions, thoughts and words on people and situations. When we learned something new that changed our perception on something we thought previously, did we admit we were wrong. Do we care to grow, and do we know that each priceless lesson, is learned by our interaction with each other, more so, than what we think of each other.

A Beautiful Mind

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