I Found A Love

I Found A Love…
That surpasses all love.
It is eternal, if you can believe.

It is enduring…
There is little…no, nothing, that I can do,
That would make him turn away.

It is forgiving,
There is nothing that I have done, that,
would make him not stay.

His love is understanding,
He knows me so well,
there is little… no, nothing, that I can do,
that would make him say oh well, I tried, you can’t be helped.

You know what he did for me with his love?
He taught me to believe, in him.
He taught me what he saw in me.
He taught me what I could be when I was real.
He taught me that we had a future, me and him.

He broke down my walls, long before I knew they were down,
He showed me the path, long before I knew I could walk,
He believed in me, when I was busy doubting myself,
He let me know, through everything, He was Himself.
He took His own,
Claimed His own,
Possessed His own,
Mastered His own,
I cannot complain,
Before Him I was Insane,
My mind gone crazy looking for sanity,
When Peace and Prosperity was all over me.
So He told His child to come home,
come bathe, come wear the robes,
and this I did,
Sit at my Master’s Feet,
One at the table, one at the feast,
One at the death, resurrection, birth and defeat,
of all the things that thought could enslave me,
My master says I am free. Who am I not to believe.

For at a whisper, He cures, at a sigh, He endures,
At an echo, He procures, at an embrace, He produces
life and love and hope and all things that cannot be
bought or embraced by this world
but is ours,
His child,
He gave,
Life purchased, Life gained,
What can I say
But that I have found a love…
I have found a love…
I have found a love…
I have found a love.
I Found A Love

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