Things That Warm The Heart

This world is really, really cold. People are so indifferent to each other. Money is the god of the universe. Money has made well intentioned people build well intentioned industries, and then turn those industries into things that generate profit.

Profit has made people blind to quality and purpose. Blindness has made people deaf to cries. Money cannot see or talk. This is how it operates. It can only buy. So money has bought manipulation, decadence, humiliation,  and indignity among others. That which was meant to be used as a measure of exchange, has become the exchange of life.

I watched The Devil’s Double over the weekend, and this is what came to me:

Humans have created suffering, and continue to do so, over history. We simply do not learn. Hence, our reliance on humans can only be fatal, for humans are simply that and will let us down. An honest person in a dishonest circumstance, may adapt to survive, be coerced to change, die standing for his/her viewpoint, or have his/her life irrevocably affected by evil.

The story of humanity is persistent with woe, war and immeasurable pain. Humanity is also consistent in its stories of rises, revolts, and the appointing of leaders, who find themselves sitting at the top, with a lot of money and power, and puppet to both. Cycles begin and end within our world, much as it physically turns around. As seasons come and go, so does a lifetime of war, pain, love and joy.

In this cold and heartless world (represented in the movie), I wondered where God was. I knew that He was there, but could not see Him in the unfolding story, and so this is why I wondered where He was. I also knew that the burden of taking on despair at seeing such colossal pain generated by humans, was too great for one small person called me, to handle. This was Jesus’ battle. I wondered how we as His children, brothers and sisters fit in and moved in such a cold and horrible world.

I started to see how each individual was human. Some, through their upbringing, had only known tyrannical treatment from their guardians, so that they only did what they saw. They were “born and bred” in a house devoid of any kind of love, hope or affection. They were pawns in their parents’ games, and could only be expected to grow up to be the same.

Some, through circumstance, tried to live the best lives they possibly could, being complacent, by not standing up for what is right. They were doing the best that they could to survive, and maintain the survival of their families. They were walking dead, their lives an ever shifting of principles and morals in order to live.

Some, in order to survive, became what they were being treated as, so that they filtered down the same treatment rendered to them, to those below them. They did this slowly, and over time, so that one day they were standing in horror at a disturbing scene, and the next, were unmoved by desperate human emotion. 

Some humans stood for what is right, regardless of danger to self, or attack on loved ones. They walked through the corridors of evil, for what they believed and were convicted in. For these people, the character and values instilled from birth, and cemented over time, made their decisions against injustice, their only choice.

Each individual is human. We are in no place to judge, because we do not know what anyone has gone through, or had to go through, in any given time. We only see tyrants, we do not see how they were brought up into the world, so that we understand all actions have consequences. Lack of love, godliness, humility and humanity in bringing up our children, instead heavily layering on the physical and verbal abuse, withholding of love and affection, threatening the removal of basic human necessities, forcing indecencies amongst others, will result in soulless children, for once innocence of soul is taken away, evil resides.

We only see high level officials and friends of traitors, tyrants and evil people, whereas we do not know whether their lives are being held hostage, whether their friendship is maintained by the constant knowledge of sure death to self or loved one, should any word or behaviour betray. We do not know what choices have been presented to anyone at any time, so that s/he has killed the part of humanity residing within, in order to adapt and live in an impossible situation.

We are all human, and once we understand this, that the absence of love and hope creates monsters, we can maybe understand how love and hope works to fill the void.

I saw love and hope being passed along to the afflicted in the film. Those who took their lives, or adapted to their surroundings in order to survive, had lost their hope. I saw hope being passed on to different characters in various ways, which were not spectacular by any means, however life changing in the consequences.

All action has consequence. Love and hope is the free gift that God has given us. It is inside us, it does not end, it reveals itself in any situation. Its main function is to keep us going throughout whatever circumstance we may find ourselves in. This is the most powerful, yet human way of maintaining and spreading humanity. When we touch each others’ lives this way, by passing on hope, by showing love, we create a force of believers, who then become convicted, and are willing to stand up against personal and social injustice.

In a world where money and its worshipers are blind, we are provided with gifts that it cannot ever hope to buy, manipulate or destroy. Love and hope belong to us, so that we individually are the only ones who can let it go. In seeing hope and love being passed around I saw God. In seeing each character’s background and events in his/her life that informed consequent actions, I saw God.

In seeing the patience God displayed to those wreaking havoc on His people: by allowing them to be touched by Good, by not taking their lives when it would make sense (in our eyes) to, by using those around them to let them know their paths were destructive, by allowing the moon to bask over them while they lay asleep, and the sun to shine on them while they carried out their evil plans by day, I saw God. I saw the reliance on mercies, and the providing of mercies throughout the film. When I understood that He has His hand on each person, and especially on His beloved children, so that all we need to do is not judge each other, pass on love and hope, and keep our eyes on the cross, I felt the Peace of God.

God gives us what we need to survive a cold world, as He gives us what we need to live full lives in it. When He told us to seek Him first, and that He would take care of us, these are some of the things He means. He will give us daily peace, in an uncertain world. He will show us unlimited mercy, He will give us eternal hope, He will show us unending love. How does He do this? In us, through us, by us, His beloved children.

This is what He means when He tells us He is always there. He is in you. In a cold, heartless world, blinded by the love and worship of money and power, God’s warmth and strength is in His people. That can never be bought or controlled. It comes through, when we see each other, as He sees us; each one of us, those who cause their brothers and sisters pain, and those who bring them comfort and joy. He is so Loving and Merciful, that He gives us His eyes, so that we may combat evil with good. That is how He works in us. All of us.

Ask Him to reveal Himself,  by opening your heart, eyes and ears. Ask for His viewpoint, so that you know best how to successfully navigate in very uncertain and stressful times, that is our world.

Things That Warm The Heart

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