Gift of Time

The gift of Time is so easily misunderstood, until it begins to, and runs out.
It is the single aspect of life that is taken for granted, is assumed, so intrinsically embodied in our daily experiences. We do not notice air, we do not notice time… unless we are running out. We generally do not notice what we do not lack.

Time is a gift for a multitude of reasons, more than half of which I will ever realize.
These thoughts are for the God given gift of Time, for its patience, longevity of spirit, faithfulness and justice.

Time waits for no one
In life and death, it does not stand still. From the moment a first breath is taken, and a last exhaled, it keeps on moving. It asks us to do the same, not get too caught up in the moment, to forget the next.

Time heals all wounds
Time and memory are not the same. Time moves on, memory stagnates. Time asks for patience, to do what it does best. It slowly takes off the temporary blood soaked bandages of our hearts, replaces them with permanent stitching. Time asks for patience, to heal the wounds. The scar is our memory, of bitter, sweet or bittersweet escape.

Hurry, hurry has no blessing
Time teaches, time invests, time reveals, time replaces, time embraces. Time is resilient, in the lessons of the hour, the lessons of the day. Time teaches, and wise counsel is given over time. Those fortunate enough to live in the moment, can appreciate what has taken place over time.

When I look back…
I see that it didn’t matter what my problem was yesterday, or last year, I can’t remember it, or how much time I spent on it. I just know it is gone, and today has problems of its own.

I see that in every situation, I had a roof over my head, and food in my belly. I may not remember whether I ate or not, whether I knew where I was going to sleep or not, just that I am here, so it must have worked out okay.

I see that my plan to be debt-free was working. It may have taken a number of years for my loans to be paid out, but unless I was winning the lottery, it could not have been paid off sooner. Despite any job loss, illness, bankruptcy, divorce, death, addiction, or anything else that may have come my way, as best as I could, I paid into my debts, and if I am honest with myself, they will not be cleared light years away, but as soon as they are cleared. There is nothing for me to stress.

I see that my children are growing and have grown to be people who make me proud to be a parent. Not that I was perfect in what I did provide for them, but that they are standing on their own feet of decisions, and I am happy to let them make the mistakes of their lives, their way, as I made mine. That experience is the greatest teacher, provided by time, is a lesson that I have learned.

I see that I was never alone, not in any given situation, not even when I believed the world was dark around me. When I look back, I see an invisible hand that covered me. I never thought I’d get over what I have gotten over in my life, but I did, and I will, and all, in time.

If I know now what I know of Time,
It keeps moving, as must I. Through thick and thin, tears of joy and pain, hopes and wishes, I must keep moving, for there is no greater moment in time, than the very moment. I may decide to reside a little while longer, in memories past and future wishes, but that is all they are.
It takes care of things that I cannot hope to do in the blink of an eye. Time unfolds my heart’s desires, takes care of my goals and plans, presents opportunity and chances, reveals new lessons with every turn. Heals all wounds, if I allow it to, preserves the bitterest and the sweetest memories, by bringing them back to me throughout time.
Is patient, works slowly through its own time. Is strong in spirit, moves on regardless of my personal feelings, still gives me rain and shine, on time. Is just, gives what is sown throughout time, is faithful, works with me on my goals and plans so that when I look back, at any given time,
I realize, for a fraction of a moment, before I get caught up in the struggle of the moment,
what a gift,
what a gift,
what a gift,
I have been given, each time.

Gift of Time

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