God’s Insurance/Best Assurance

Some of us say and believe that God is in control of everything. We especially say this when things are going wrong, things are tough or we seem to be in an endless pit of problems, despair or seemingly bad luck. We speak out of faith, however, sometimes our actions are not congruent with our belief system. 

For example, while believing that God is in control of an aspect of our life, say finance, we struggle daily with needs, including paying for the roof over our heads. We worry about how we will manage the end of the month bills, or how we will survive another day. We keep looking forward to the day when our luck will turn, despairing in the moment.What does our Father have to say about this?

Place our reliance on Him.

It is not our job or lack thereof that we have a relationship with, it is with our Father. It is not our significant other, spouse, relative or friend that we have a relationship with, it is with our Father. It is not our material things that we have a relationship with, it is with our Father. It is not our bank account, our addictions, our defeating characteristics, hopes and dreams that we have a relationship with, but with our Father.

It is in our Father that we can place All hope. Not some of the time, not when things are going good or bad, but in all things. What does this mean exactly on a day-to-day basis? It means that in All things, we should work hard to ensure that before the act, person and thing, it is in our Father in which we are secured. 

Look at it as an insurance plan. Imagine that we have purchased insurance for our belongings which in the material world would be health, house, vehicle and goods. Due diligence would require that we are aware of what our insurance policy covers. When making purchases, in the form of goods and trips, including travel to different locations, we ensure that we are covered by our insurance plans. We purchase house insurance to cover us in the event of a fire, flood or theft etc. We expect to be covered for these things in the event that something should go wrong. If we make additions to our houses, we ensure that we will be adequately covered (some insurance policy changes may suffice at this point), so that should something go wrong, we are going to be okay. 

In another example, we check in with our employment when making plans in our lives. We check to ensure that we are able to go on vacation or take leave of absences, These are things that we check at the moment we get the job, or on an ongoing basis, to ensure that we are covered, should the needs arise. Problems materialize when we first take a leap and then hope to be covered in any one of the examples. We find ourselves in trouble when we make additions to the house and do not first check in with the insurance policy, to later find out that we cannot be reimbursed in the case of a flood. 

Should we find ourselves in a location not covered by our health/travel insurance, we find ourselves in trouble should something happen. We cannot take time off work and hope to be paid, if we have not done our initial homework in ensuring that we will get paid. Humans fail themselves by placing their hope on people, things and situations. When they fall through, we turn and place our blame on God, for not working it out for us. He wonders where we checked in with Him, before we decided to check in with people, things and situations.

By placing God first in everything, it means seeking His guidance, blessing and protection in what/where we are, and hope to be. It means that our reliance is on Him first, before anything else. This does not circumvent the requirement to do our due diligence in the material world, it is trusting that by following what He tells us to do, that everything will turn out alright. It is His promise, and God is not man to break His promise. 

By checking with Him first on our desire to add or modify our dwelling place, He does more than say yes or no. He may present an economical way to do so. He may provide advise on the best way to maximize on the opportunity. He may remind us that we are not in a position to make any changes to the place, and need to wait a while, while other things first get taken care of. He may tell us no for He knows our situation will shortly change, and there will not be a reason for any modifications. 

When we check with Him first on our travel plans, He may provide crucial information to ensure a successful and relaxing trip. When we check in with Him about taking time off work, He may let us know that the time bank will come in handy at a later time, when we will really need to take the time off. He may ask us to wait, for there may be an opportunity coming up in which we will be unable to apply or qualify, due to the timeframe or number of days taken off. He may present a different opportunity while we are off, He may show us how to maximize the time that we have taken off.

When we seek God in everything, it does not mean that we are turning into robots. It is a good thing to go for what we want, however, we are human and so our perception and vision is limited. His is not. When we make the decisions that we do, we make them with the best intentions, hoping for the best outcome, preparing for the worst. He knows and sees this. He asks that we check in with Him, as only He can guarantee this.  

He knows that we are saying and doing things for our best, and He wants to help us out with this. He wants to do this in all corners of our lives, so that at the end of it, we will live full lives in whatever situation we may find ourselves in. He hurts when we are deflated by crushed dreams, broken hopes, relationships, homes, businesses and careers. He does not revel in our pain. He sees it before we do, and knows how it will affect us.

If we check in with Him first before anything, only then can He adequately prepare us for what is going to come. Why will He not stop it? This is because He knows what He built us to do, endure and succeed in. As well, we create the world we live in individually and collectively. He gave us the gift of free will. God is not man to abuse His power and step in each time, overriding man’s choices and decisions, no matter the foolishness or detriment to others. 

Free will means that someone will make the choice to give our promotion to someone else (choosing to help out a friend). Free will means that someone will make the decision to rob us (choosing this avenue to feed family). Free will means that someone will run into our vehicles (choosing to drive drunk, or to not pay attention). In all situations, we have choices, including thinking/saying that we have no choice. All individual choices affect more than our limited human sphere of perception and vision will allow us to think/know.

He knows and sees all, and asks that we check in with Him first, so that no matter what the person, thing and circumstance, He will be able to provide us the protection by which His insurance (Christ) promised. We will be covered. If we make additions and modifications to our lives and hope to be covered, He may not be able to do so, if it goes against His will. If we decide to make decisions that lead us to different people, places, thoughts and actions, He may not be able to protect us against the trouble that may happen. 

If we check in with Him, and we run into trouble, much as we would with insurance policies we have purchased and have in hand the find print that assures us that we will be covered, we can turn to Him and say Cover Me, and Know that we will be covered.  If we seek Him first in everything, it does not matter what or where we go, we know that He knows and sees all, and that we are limited in our perception and vision, so much so that, we are unable to see and comprehend what He does, but Know that He will protect us, for He led us there.

When we check in with Him in everything, we know not to place our reliance on people, things and situations but on His promise that He will bless us, that He will work it out. It could be that a friend has asked you for a loan. Before relying on your friendship, check in with God first. If the answer is yes, loan the money. Should your friend run away from his/her commitment to pay you back, check in with God first. He may tell you to approach your friend and how, or He may ask you to let the situation go. He knows and sees what you do not. He will recover the money for you in His time. He will protect and teach you during this time. 

He works in all our lives, every single one of us, so that what you do not know, is what He is trying to do in your friend’s life. What you will not see, is how it will all work out in the end, for it will, He promised this. If you are harbouring ill feelings, human feelings of resentment due to the broken commitment, check in with God first. He will sustain you. He will take care of you. 

Rely on Him and not the person and/or situation, for people, things and situations are not immortal, God is. His promises are timeless, His word is deed. What you will not immediately see, is how He will use all your experiences to work in and for your good, and others. All small and big things, are part of a sum, in Him. That which created the air that you breath, your eye blink, the color yellow, the sea, is promising you, that if you first check in with Him (insurance), He will supply and protect all your needs (mind, body, soul).
God’s Insurance/Best Assurance

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