TGFH – Thank God For Help

Patience, kindness, humility, meekness of spirit, fairness, grace and endurance… Who honestly has all these qualities, on a day to day basis! Who stands against the winds of time, the hurricanes of humanity, the tumultuous moments when the last of good intentions runs away.

We are human.  We try everyday, all day, but sometimes, even trying doesn’t operate as an option. So we fail. Not as humans, but at the immediate task. Not for life, but at the immediate moment. Not really, but in our minds.

Yes, we have ways and thoughts given to us to govern our lives. Not so that we are punished if we fail to live by what is prescribed, but so that we live fruitful lives, free from the results of stress, anger, lust, vengeance, and greed amongst others.

We will have moments where we feel severely tested, and the things listed above, if applied, allow us to “sail” through these situations. We go through the tunnel and come out not feeling lost, alone, dejected and wounded, but stronger, wiser, encouraged, and appreciative of the lesson that only virtues will allow us to see, for we will have stepped out of all earthly qualities (pride, greed, etc) that prevent us from seeing.

When one feels like one is drowning, the natural instinct is to fight. Ironically, in water, this action will kill you. If a life guard is trying to help you get above surface, your fighting could kill him/her too. No difference in life.

The moment we feel like we are drowning, is the right moment to force ourselves to be very still. In spite of the size and sound of the waves, this is the precise moment to be very still. God speaks in the silence of our hearts. He says, Be Still And Know That I Am God.

In the most impossible of situations, when the whole world will laugh at you for not making a normal move, for not reacting as one is expected to, as one should, fight to be still. Fight to calm your mind, emotions and heart. Then Watch as God Kicks In.

Watch Him show up and show out. Watch the values addressed above emit from you so that even you don’t understand what is going on, only know that you are being carried up to the surface, and that you are now sailing through your problem. Thank God For Help. Thank God it’s within us all.

TGFH – Thank God For Help

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