Relationships On Life Support

Sometimes relationships are like beloved children on life support. We view the person under the tubes as representative of our lives, and in the moment, determine our lives having started and now ending with the life support, irrespective of what else takes place around us.

The problem with tunnel vision, is that we lose perspective over the viability of what we are attempting to do. By refusing to pull the plug on very ill and dying relationships, we force them to exist on life support, on memories past and future wishes. The reality of the current situation may very well be that not enough past memories are enough to salvage what is going, and not enough wishes exist to make the relationship work.

The energy extended in willing the relationship to work, in fact hurts other budding and/or existing relationships around us. Once we understand that people and things were not promised to us forever, we can then appreciate living in the moment. We can appreciate the time we have been given, so that should the relationship find itself on life support with no chance of recovery, lovingly find ourselves able to pull the plug with no regrets.

Living in the present means that we are not building our lives and/or perception of our lives on others. We appreciate every moment we have each other, understanding that any moment could be the last and things as people, change. Living in the present means that not for one second do we place certain relationships on pedestals over others, so that we waste indefinite time and energy on what is not sustained by itself, when we could be further building or creating other positive relationships.

Living in the present means accepting that some relationships on life support do not need more time, they simply need to be let go. We operate on a faith that everything works out for a reason, and that in doing everything we can with every situation, when it is time to pull the plug, we can lovingly do so.

Relationships On Life Support

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