Stand By

Imagine that you wish to purchase a flight ticket and despite your attempts to book it as soon as you are aware of the requirement to travel, realize that there are no available flights.

In faith, you peruse as many online sites as you can, call anyone you know, and cold call travel agencies in an attempt to secure a seat on any flight heading in your intended direction. You are even willing to book multiple unrelated flights and ground vehicle rides.

You look through your calendar of events and move your schedule around as much as you possibly can, in an attempt to allow for a much more flexible flight scheduling. In some instances, you have the distinct feeling that you are now pushing it, but have no choice as this is a destination you are required to attend.

Finally, you purchase a standby ticket knowing that this is your only available option, as much as you do not like the idea. On the date of the flight, you arrive early at the airport and as per stand by policy, sit and wait in hope that you may perhaps get a seat on a flight to your destination. Depending on your tenacity level, you may even take the opportunity to see whether you can still look at some options. The response is that you will need to wait.

The amount of time you spend waiting for an empty seat, flight route and seat number are completely out of your hands, but at this point, you have done all that you can. There is no one to call, nothing to check, nothing else to do but to sit quietly and hope and pray, until the flight personnel call out your name.

Life is a lot like that if you are looking for opportunities, changes, chances, or whatever the case may be. Much like the effort in attempting to secure a seat, work your hardest diligently and all angles. In faith, do everything in your power to move you along your goal, and then at the final point, where it is now no longer up to you, sit quietly, hope and pray. You are not giving up, rather, you are standing by, waiting for your name to be called, on the passage, change, opportunity, role, etc that you have worked hard to position yourself for.

In standby, we get to learn to wait, to perhaps use the time to reflect, rest or turn to other activities. We get to learn to appreciate how much we have put ourselves out there, and are naked in the moment as we wait for our hard work, hopes and dreams to come to pass.

At this point, there is no sweeter sound as hearing our name called, the “thank you for your effort, you can step up and receive your prize”. Should we not hear our name, we can allow the fact that we stepped so far out to begin with, propel us farther in seeking our end goal. We can be certain that the effort in itself, the creativity, tenacity, and pushing of comfort levels and/or patience, will equip us with invaluable experience and exposure that can be utilized at the next similar point in life.

With our situations, and as always, we have the option of choosing our attitude. We may not be able to help or control the situation, however our attitude completely belongs to us. By doing all we can and then some, and choosing to stand by, we let the world and us know that we are more than ready to fly, we are simply standing by for the opportunity, the sound of our name.

Stand By

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