One Life

People will always have something to say, no matter what, so you may as well make peace with that. Put your blinders on, and go your merry way.

We are not born equal and the same, so let us not apply our plans, hopes and dreams to each other. We do not share the same fears. Face your own destiny.

Paths differ, and though you meant well, when you said you would always remain friends, be open to change. This could mean for a time or ever, you were meant to part ways. Keep walking.

Our lives and experiences are hard according to us, so let us respect our neighbors’. We cannot wish their trials on ourselves, yet envy their successes. There’ll always be good reasons, but how about we just concentrate on ourselves.

Who are we to judge each other when our own flaws speak volumes over us. The world outside is cold and cruel, why treat each other with ice inside.

We can choose to love and care, without moving a step out of our Paths, into wrong ways. We can choose to give and receive without compromising our sense of self. We can choose to encourage and uplift without lying to please. We can choose to do all things in Truth sans Deceit.

We all have things to accomplish, purpose to our names. We can choose to hold each other accountable, or maintain lives sans purpose, growth, just a desire, to remain the same.

At the end, though we think we walk with many, share common goals and thoughts…we all die alone, one coffin, one corpse. One life lived, one life spent. One life whose events affect the outcome of that one life our bodies held.

One Life

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