Of Fools, And Truths

Be wary of the fool,
That purports to know without fail, a clear path to guaranteed success.
Perhaps listen to the one who, acknowledges a journeying upon, a road less traveled, the faulting and winning, all part of the road’s make-up, in a never-ending quest for success.

Be wary of success so easily explained, by things so easily bought, for a fool and the fool’s money are easily parted. Conquest for more financial wealth guarantees a lesser build of character, for it is money that is pursued, and the obstacles around it bargained with. All things compromised and paid for in the material world, cease in the material world.

Aspire instead for knowledge. Learn and know yourself and your innate strengths that what you pursue may be driven by passion, a feature no one can pay to keep at bay. Ask the Lord then for wisdom, so your words and thoughts propel you farther, so you may confute your enemies, and better yet, gain a growing understanding as to how they perceive you, and not feel their doubts as your own.

Ask for humility, so that every fail and win is taken in the same breath, that you may not become self-absorbed and forget the dime and shame you once held as your possessions, or the people you passed along the way to get to greatness.

Remember then, that much as you were watched by eyes eager to see you fail, bated breaths surrounded you in quiet and eager praise for your success. Remember then, that all you have done, is try to lead the way, not be anyone’s way. You had to follow to lead.

Keep in mind those that will drag you to your fall, you know them for you already feel their weight in various ways. We speak not of the responsibilities and cares you are destined to have, rather, the ones you allowed yourself to gather along the way, in hope or vice of an easier journey, turned complicated family and friends.

They may not be interested in going your way, would rather hang onto the hem of your cloak as you did Christ, as you followed Him to your success. Learn then, the difference between foe and friend, for many are sent to lead you astray. Know them, for what they bring to your life, either builds or destroys your faith, your hopes, dreams, plans, your humanity.

Strive to always build, all the same, admonishing with kindness, and raising in truth. Words are a blessing or curse, be careful what you think and say. Look out for each other, while minding your own business.

More than anything, trust in your faith and self, and realize that at first and perhaps forever more, your change is not going to be perceived in a positive way. Remember as you learn and grow, these were things we were warned of, so that you may not attempt to live your life both ways.

Trust that what and whom you will be given along the way will be enough, and the elements you build as you grow, enough to attract exactly what you want. Keep the Lord forever at your side, you could never find a better lawyer than one who for you laid down His life.

At the end of the day, only you choose how to view the roller coaster ride called your life. You are buckled in, in Christ, His Father the architect of the ride. From every view, climb, dip and turn, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the ride!

Of Fools, And Truths

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