Something Beautiful To Consider

I speak for myself and others when I state a lot of us are unable to do some things despite personal conviction in our talents and/or knowledge, because we don’t believe we’re qualified to speak on said topic. We share similar views on discussions with society’s greats but can only invoke the individuals’ names while practicing or sharing the belief systems.

As an example, when my mantra was “bullshit baffles brains” I found people in my circle had no problem using and recycling this statement. I myself had no problem saying it as the statement in itself didn’t evoke dis-ease with its “deepness” or “inspirational” tones.  I’ve since then changed my mind and balk at having loved and lived it. In the last little while my life lessons have included taking my life seriously, not too seriously that I don’t enjoy it, rather, seriously so that I may.

Previously I robbed myself of deep and meaningful relationships and experiences by pursuing only that which brought pleasure, and although my love of life was evident to me, I gravely misunderstood the meaning and function of the words. I equated it with good times and helping others, all outward expressions of what I didn’t see but hoped was true. I had and have an incredible life with no sob stories to tell, yet felt only a fraction of what I could offer the world was utilized – useless in this case, for I measure value by what I’ve given and received.

At some point in our lives and over several occasions we’ve laughed or taunted a fellow person’s drunken or sheepish confession to a dream s/he has. We rarely remember these incidents as the individual quickly and/or successfully brushes the thought aside so we can all move onto lighter things. We’re also aware of the persistent ones who kept repeating their ideation, so much so that we turned down the volume and ceased listening, let alone encouraging.

In surprising examples, we’ve observed said individuals realize their dreams. If not equipped with a cold and closed spirit, we take these opportunities to evaluate our own and ride the propelling wave to fruition. It’d be a wonderful world where we could dream and strive toward our objectives in supportive love and harmony. I posit the fracture to this is expressed in our inability to believe any one individual in our circles is capable of world renown achievement and success.

Somewhere along the way we assumed supreme knowledge over the people we look up to and read about, so when explaining their life struggles and achievements ensure no doubt in the listening individual’s mind that s/he needs to wake up for one could never hope for such.

I completely agree that dreams in themselves don’t materialize into action. Hard work comes into play in creating and/or sustaining them. The truth is though, the greats that people look up to have a singular quality that refutes the notion of impossibility in my mind, in that they’re all human. There’s no demi-god, super-god, man-god, nothing amongst them – all flesh and bones. The tallest building in the world and the largest ship in the sea were designed by human hands, and the highest grossing artist in the world, the greatest surgeon to ever live….were/are all human and so are we. Impossible is an extension of the walls and ceilings created by those who speak. We make the conscious choice to accept or deflate these constrictions by what we believe.

Dreams are special in that they belong to us. They’re not given to multiple people living in the same house, born on the same date or hang around each other. As we grow older and work on defining ourselves, we pass or share our dreams as though bouncing balls, and tend not to guard our hearts’ desires in hopes of gaining someone’s trust or faith.

Eventually, our visions take a back seat to formed realities. We decide what we become and reside. For example, if we decide we don’t have time in our day to do something special, our days become filled with things that’ll ensure no time. Stating what we can and/or cannot do by what we see enables and fastens the walls and ceilings we create. We then turn and look at those living their lives to the fullest, thinking that if we had their lives, then yes, we too would be able to do the things we enjoyed – an attitude entirely of our making.

Something beautiful to consider are the stories expressed throughout the times. The Bible captures what I’m about to share so vividly. Great things have been accomplished by people who didn’t fathom the extent of their success. Many didn’t have or seek formal training, simply relied on elements within themselves to propel them to success. We seem to forget this while recounting people’s success. We use this information only to push these individuals up in our mind as having overcome such major challenges.

The major challenge in this respect for those who believe in ourselves is fighting society’s perception on who qualifies. Once we fully understand and appreciate the fact that most if not all the greats faced ridicule and ceaseless lack of faith from those around and beyond, propelled in the same if not greater speed throughout these hindrances to colossal success, we may begin to put our blinders on.

God gives talents, not man. God presents opportunities, through man. God gives, and not man.

Through our receipt and use of the talents and gifts we have and want to share we’re equipped to proceed. Through our faith including the unstoppable desire, courage and  love of what we want to do, pushing us forward many a time when we’re scared of what people will say qualifies us. That we’re all not created the same so should not be expected to share and live the same values and desires on what we may become qualifies us. We’re born and die alone, not alongside the various voices that seek to deny then take away gifts and talents granted. God gave, to be shared, not quelled in fear or taken away by, and because of fear.

Consider this finally, that humans in their views of the world and what they see still have the ability to be amazed. We are touched by stories that defy gravity. The last part of the sentence means an individual rose up against societal views and criticisms to become and/or do great things. Examples vary from good samaritans to outstanding leadership skills.

These individuals were specially chosen so humans would be awed and inherently realize in spite of what they see or claim to want to believe, eyes may be opened to the glory of the greatest that allows one to do superhuman things, and thus become great. It’s in these things that we’re allowed to let our dreams, imaginations and zeal soar as we discover our own personal best and fulfillment.

Consider you’re not misguided in your desires, rather, are aware your eyes have opened and you’re able to see what others can’t now. Trust in what you’re doing and being led to. Trust that in building and sharing your gifts and talents while you cement character to stand against the larger waves presented by greater power, that you inspire others to follow their own paths and greatness. You’ll receive criticism and mockery which too is okay, it lets you know you’re onto something.

Trust that God qualifies and you have a purpose according to His will. It’s His will you bring glory to His name and if you follow it by defying gravity and rising up and against, you’ll take off and land in His plan, greater than you’d ever imagined. Learn and grow in your gifts. Share your talent and stories. Inspire with your actions. Believe, Believe, Believe, and remain faithful. This doesn’t mean we’re model Christians in the world, but we believe that in Christ all things are possible, including that which society and our minds sometimes deem impossible. Believe that impossible is I’m possible and place your trust in that which created you so when human weakness abides and courage fails, we have that which is superhuman to carry us to the next step.

In all things be thankful, always be grateful, for this elevates your mind and thinking. Simply put, you’re more likely to give to the grateful child, more liable to indulge a happy spirited person in their wishes than one who remembers to say thanks once a year before whining for the rest. God rewards faithfulness and thankful spirits. Thankful spirits make for happy people. What you want is part of and not the complete journey. Enjoy the road, every little bit of it, remembering that in Him, you qualify.

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Something Beautiful To Consider

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