Problem With Small Boxes

A cynic is one who lives in a small box.
S/he may be convinced and may strive to successfully convince that s/he is a realist,
and that is true. What s/he fails to state, is a realist in which world. The real world? According to whom? You? Society? We wear the same shoes?

A cynic is one who fails to hope.
S/he may convince him/herself that s/he thinks, wishes and looks out for the best,
and that is true. The best in his/her world, as defined by him/her, a small cold limited world. We see the same things?

A cynic is one who spreads hate.
S/he may convince you that s/he knows what is best, may earn a living blasting half empty cup theories, which are true. True to his/her world, which is half empty, going on dry and bare. You get to decide if that is a world you desire to share.

Live, Love, Laugh, Share … with no cynics and limits

Problem With Small Boxes

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