Dangers of a Stubborn Spirit

A stubborn spirit will participate in your conversation.

What you hear by way of opinion will not ring true with your spirit but after a while you adjust the dial to zero in order to keep the relationship.

There is a disconnect between what you say and what the other gathers from your conversations. Their depiction of your words cause you to question your perception. Self-doubt creeps in when you next speak.

A stubborn spirit appears to share.

You hear two types of scenarios;  one baffling and the other traumatic. The former is for you to decipher and reveal and the latter to empathize and dismiss any future alarm bells. You now have a point of reference for any suspect behavior. While you share, the other repeats experiences previously described.

In vain attempts to reach this person – to help turn around negative thought processes, you reveal more intimate things about yourself.  Conversations drain you. What you confess is brought up in inappropriate situations and relayed to others. You feel bankrupt when your thoughts turn to this individual.

A stubborn spirit is clothed as a loved one.

When is your relationship needed?  It is shaped around the elements that first brought you together and doesn’t evolve from this. In time, you wonder whether it’s foolish to think that you can change your life. You maintain the relationship out of loyalty whereby your paths did in fact separate. In this, you and not the other balance a foot on each path.

A stubborn spirit is one who is aware but refuses to change destructive elements in his/her life.

As flawed humans it’s a constant endeavour to either get rid of, or control negative qualities of inherently dual personalities. Those who endeavor to get rid of, are the ones who need to be aware of the dangers of stubborn spirits.

These spirits are formed of those who strive to control negative elements within themselves. The ego is unable to regulate itself. That which we start out to control becomes our master. We believe we know the worst of our demons but the ego is unable to mirror itself. To order our existence, we formulate our experiences as we would like to see them.

We forgive and forget our actions with no thought to those in direct sphere of our demons. We can’t accept responsibility for our actions and immediately assume the injured party is over-reacting. We also can’t shake the number of times we’ve been told by different people of our debilitating habits.

What we refuse to change does not lie dormant within us. Like all things living, it grows if not killed. We feed our stubborn spirit when we decide our experiences as we’d like to see them and not as they are. We cease to control and become consumed. We’re not aware of when the transformation takes place and our cold hearts are set.

We become destructive in behaviour, words and wishes. We repeat patterns and the difference is in length of time between cycles. We listen, acknowledge and try but have no intention of changing.

In consuming ourselves with our thoughts we don’t consider the impact on the hearts of those we harm. We don’t care that a spiritual death is worse than a physical one, and that by submitting those we love to spiritual beatings, we kill them. This is attained by the weapons we form with what we think, say and do. These are the attempts to purchase favor and the manipulations utilized in order to maintain loyalty.

A stubborn spirit does not change. It adapts, manipulates, conquers. We fail when we don’t realize just how detrimental to our spiritual health stubborn spirits are. Stubborn spirits around us help maintain undesirable traits and behaviours.  What we consider to be negative is trivialized in our minds.

If we’re aware of the presence of a stubborn spirit and for whatever reason choose to keep the relationship, we in turn begin to believe that we’ve mastered an element in our life. We forget that we too  have a direct sphere of influence affected by our choices. The cycle starts in a small way within us – just as it started in the stubborn spirits that surround us.

To break the cycle, we must first start with us. What are your thoughts?

Dangers of a Stubborn Spirit

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