Where’s My Happy Ending?

I know that it seems like there is no such thing,
that happy endings are the words silly movies are made of,
or perversions that can be easily acquired by a friend or massage parlour.

I know that it is much better not to hope,
then there is nothing to disappoint.

I know that dreams hurt when day after day, in and out they seem like just that,
while people we love or trust trample on them.
I know it would be easier to be and do wrong,
it makes no sense to deal in love and kindness.

I know it looks easier to not be ourselves,
walk and talk in someone else’s shoes,
for what they whine and despair of,
has the lifetime of a fly to us.

I know it’s hard not to compare, not to despair,

I also know,

it is harder not to dream, hope or believe,
it is harder to settle, accept or deny,
it is harder not to think, imagine or taste
how sweet our victory shall be,
when all our wildest dreams and wishes
to be,

Greater than any happy ending we possibly imagined.
Keep dreaming, keep dreaming, keep dreaming,
keep hoping, keep praying, keep believing,
s/he is out there,
you have a happy ending,
the Best is yet to come.

Where’s My Happy Ending?

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