Be Kind To Yourself

Be kind to yourself. You are too cynical. You think that you are only cynical of others but what you are is a pollution to yourself. You are feeding yourself with negative views, thoughts and opinions about other people, and this hurts that part of you that believes in Chances and Truth.

When you are cynical and complaining about what you do not like, you reveal to others what you are and think of yourself. The more you complain, the more miserable you look. No one likes miserable people, only, misery loves company, so what company do you think you attract? Miserable people speaking of misery clouds your mind with clutter from the gutter. You keep looking and poking at what is not good in your life, what happens when you do that with wounds? They do not heal and become inflamed. Inflamed wounds that do not heal are infected. Infected wounds produce a displeasing discharge. Your cynicism will be a displeasing discharge by your words and actions. Stop and get rid of the infection at its source. Kill the cynicism so your wounds may begin to heal healthily.

Be kind to yourself. You are so close-minded. You have very defined opinions about everyone and everything but what you are is claustrophobic to yourself. You are closing in your world by your “confirmed” truths, closing off the days to discourse and opportunities when you start every sentence with “No”, “You Cant” and “Everybody Knows This”. Everybody know what. What does everybody know that you know. Who do you think you are to know everything. What vague words –  yet strongly used. Admit you do not know. Admit this to yourself before anything so that you may learn. Agree to learn so that you may grow. Grow so that you may Know.

Be kind to yourself. You are the epitome of judgement. You “hate” judgmental people, yet have very strong judgments. You do not believe in religion because it indoctrinates, you cannot stand saved people because they impose their views, you feel sorry for optimistic people, because they do not live in the real world… well are these not judgments? You form judgments to keep yourself away from judgmental people yet create the very same world you find limiting. So what if there is religion. That has nothing to do with your spiritual beliefs. Did the saved person pay your rent or mortgage? Are they your lunch ticket? Then why so concerned about what s/he is doing. Walk on your merry way and wish him/her well. So optimistic people reside in their own worlds… ever wondered how it works out that they always have something to smile about? Looking around and forming opinions about everything and one you see takes you away from your own path. You miss a step, you stumble. Look at your own path, walk your own road, focus on yourself, and you will find there is nothing to judge, because you are no greater or lesser than your fellow man. A world free of judgments is a world without limits. Give yourself this gift in your world, and do not worry about others.

Be kind to yourself. You are full of vices and excuses. You are funny, very entertaining and love a good time. Always seems that you have a lot of people around you.  Are you still smiling when you are alone? Do you need a drink, a smoke, a game, a this or that to get through one line of hard thought? You are good at making others smile, you are in the greatest pain, why not turn that gift inwards? What you tell yourself is that you are not good enough as you are, not good enough to laugh, to love, to live vice free. Sure you like what you are doing, but does it add a dime or day onto your life? Then what is there to like? If you like yourself, you want the best for you, so you get the best. If you have to buy or step out of yourself to get the vice, then what you are telling yourself, is that you are not good enough as you are. If you do not need to buy or search for the vice, you would turn inward and seek that which is free in you to make you happy and laugh and love, vice free. You do not need what has worked before, you need what will work for you forever more. You can entertain yourself, make yourself laugh without anyone and anything, so that your joy is completely from within, and there is no power without that has control of this forever more.

Be kind to yourself. Wake up with expectations. Allow surprises, Cry when hurt, Throw a bash when happy, Sing in the shower, Walk once a day, Dream once a night, Smile once a day. Be kind to yourself. You are here, you might as well enjoy yourself. Choose Life! Your path is difficult, but last I checked you were never provided the epilogue while alive so let go of yourself! Allow mistakes, grow from them, allow faults, learn from them, allow achievements, rejoice in them, allow forgiveness, there is a thing called karma. Be kind to yourself, please, be kind to yourself. I Am Going To Be Kind To Myself. I Am Going To Be Kind To Myself. I Am Going To Be Kind To Myself.

Be Kind To Yourself

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