"I Got Your Message"

My dear husband,
I asked my lawyer what I should do to secure our asset for life. I am afraid in the past I have had a bit of a gambling problem, and I do not wish to destroy this inheritance that was so generously given to us. My lawyer suggested that he write up a contract for me, with all the information that he knows I need. So here is my draft, looking for your input please. I ask that you sign your copy, as I have signed mine, with the lawyer as our witness and guide.

1) I promise to love you. The one who was, is and is to come. All these parts make up you and I love you.
2) I promise to listen. To what you say, what you have to say, what you haven’t said. Your words and thoughts mean a lot to me, and I will listen.
3) I promise to talk. To you, about you, about me, about us, about everything. I want you to know my words and thoughts and I will talk.
4) I promise to hold you. In my heart, in my thoughts, in my words, in my arms. Holding you means a lot to me and I will hold you.
5) I promise to share with you. What I have, what I will get, what I will be. I am not a movement unto myself, I am a partner, I move with you, you move with me. I want to share with you.
6) I promise to honor you. In love, in sickness, in strife, in disagreement, in anger, in joy, in purchase, in loss, in God, in our home, outside our home. Nothing will give me more joy than to honor you.
7) I promise to be attentive. To you, to us, to what is, to what isn’t, to what is to come. With God as the head, I will put our marriage first.
The asset is our love. It is priceless and knows no limit. You and I look at each other the exact same way we did the first year we met. You and I still feel for each other, the exact same way we did the first year we met. You and I are joined overseas, over mountains, over time, over growth, over loss, over the undefined. This love that I pawned and tossed around over the years still shines me to shame. I do not intend to toss away my inheritance ever again. So Christ our lawyer, suggested that I sign this contract, to promise to love you as He loves His church, to cherish our inheritance from our Father, so that it may grow and endlessly provide for us and our future generations.
I know you are busy, I also know you can hear me. Send me a “I got your message” and I will let our lawyer know, that you have found this copy to be okay. Take care my husband, be well and safe, until I see you again.
Your wife.

"I Got Your Message"

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