Walking On Faith

I know the road I walk is long.
I’m having the time of my life.
I know my path is narrow.
I was born to walk the line.
I know what some are saying,
I was built to stand adversity.
Every day I am growing,
I was always a quick study.
Every lesson is an opportunity,
I was always optimistic.
My lifelong dream is my compass,
I am the definition of tenacity.
I gain and lose everyday,
God definitely has my back.
He has my front, He has my side, He is in front,
He is inside. He is around, He is beyond.
He is my inspiration, my motivation, my energy,
my definition, my pain reliever, my vice, my virtue,
my tool, my master, the holder of my heart, creator of my soul,
author of my words, my editor,  my publicist, my director, my marketer,
my provider, my financier, my boss, my career, my food, my drink, my wind,
my sun, my rain, my holiday, my read, my companion on my ridiculously
amazing journey on my road called faith. My destiny lies ahead.

I cannot wait. Yet I can, because I am having the time of my life rewriting my history!

Walking On Faith

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