Road to Destiny

A young man walked toward his Destiny and came across a fork. The signs were clear however he hesitated for a long time.

Left sign said: Viewpoint
Right sign said: Destiny

He looked to his left and saw the forked road lead to a hill point. The view was spectacular. It allowed him to see his journey as it was; the houses built along the way, farms and possible destiny. It was an amazing view. One could sit there for days and stare at what was, and would have come.

The young man looked to his right and the forked road led the way to an unending road that disappeared into the horizon. There was only see road and not much else. One could walk for days and only dream at what was and is to come.

He resisted the temptation to turn left. The traveller was already nostalgic of his journey. He knew though that one could only choose one path. The young man knew that even though he could sit at the hill point for the rest of his life; laugh, cry and sigh at what was, the choice was a dead end. This would be his destination; watching life pass him by trapped in the memories, wishes and dreams of yesterday.

He turned right. He didn’t need the view of what had been. He had memories, experiences, lessons and character built from his past. He didn’t need to see what was left behind; he knew which businesses, farms and houses stood in his name and honor, and those that fell throughout the years as the temporary intentions or bad decisions they were.

There was faith in God, hopes and dreams to keep him company for the road ahead. Whatever awaited him was his destination. What would keep him company from this moment on was his living his life, walking the memories, wishes and dreams to the future.

Road to Destiny

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