The Greatest Love Story

That being, the greatest indescribable thing over everything that could only be Good, for it created everything and did not exact its own Law unto everything, gave itself a physical form called wo/man. For it gave itself a physical form it was in wo/man and what that was is only Good for that is the essence of that which creates. It was good because it was created perfectly and again that which created did not exact its own Law unto wo/man.

Wo/man was made good with that which created them in them, and Law was not exacted on wo/man and so s/he had Free Will. Wo/man exercised the gift of Free Will, choosing to experience life as s/he determined. This made the Creator very angry for wo/man did not fully understand what tasting the fruit of Free Will entailed. It meant that as great and good as s/he was made, choosing the opposite would be as great and terrible for s/he was originally meant for good, and that which is in him/her would leave, for good cannot dwell in that which is not. The Creator could not intercede to show wo/man the destructive path s/he had chosen, as the Creator was too great and too good to exercise its exact Law, as the removal of choice would not be good, and the Creator was only in itself good.
The Creator watched with the deepest anger, sadness and silence as wo/man continued to make their choices according to their wills, not realizing that they had so much more in store for them from that which created them if they could only get over their mortal desires and return home. The Creator could not exact its own Law but let that which it breathed into wo/man speak if s/he was silent or seeking. What was breathed is only in itself good because it is simply truth and all that is. Not everyone could hear this or chose to listen/see because they had become caught up in experiencing life as they determined. Their will became their master, thus their creator, for their lives created their realities.
The Son came to the Creator and said Father, I see my brothers and sisters have disappointed and angered you so. I ask on their behalf that you spare them your wrath. The Creator said, I can and have and yet they refuse to accept that all that is good is for them. They have created their own realities and cannot see outside their boxes what really is. The Son said, Please Father, all that is good is you, there is good in them. Let me go down and be one of them, live among them that they may believe and accept that all that is good is for them. The Creator said You will be killed, for they have Free Will and have determined their own realities. The Son replied Let this be so, and by my blood forgive them and grant them a free slate. Let me pay the debt for they cannot possibly repay you Father for refusing that which is good in and for them, but I can, for I am blameless and you love me as I love them. The Creator said Go be one of them and through your actions you have saved them. I will consider them blameless. I will let that which I breathed in them to flourish and grow, and if they do only that which they are meant to do, which is in itself good, I will never leave them. If they refuse all that is good within them, I cannot help them. I will not forgive them for they have made the choice to reject all that is good in and therefore for them. The Son bowed his head It is done.
All that is good in and for you is known to you. It is not the voice or reality that you have created by your decisions that are driven by your fears. If you do not feed and promote all that is good within you, you feed and promote all that is not and that is your demon. Let go and you will live. You will prosper, you will succeed. You will give for all that is in you is good and grows. The secret to happiness and success is really simple.It starts with the Book of John.

The Greatest Love Story

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