Excuse Me??? Excuse You!!!

Once heard “You are not reading what I intend when you pay attention to my spelling mistakes”
Think it is quite true
Once thought “You are not listening when you pay attention to my choice of words”
Think it is dead on

I Think always “You are not paying attention when you criticize the character not the thought”
Think its now your problem not mine.
I am not your example of the perfect use of a dictionary.
I am not your choice of words.
I am not your expectations.
I am not your verbs.
I am not your dreams.
I will never be your wishes.
Excuse me? Excuse you.
Listen to what I am not saying, not what you wish I said.
Read what I intended, not what you conferred.
Understand me, so I can understand you.
Watch the punctuations, because my mind is made up.
I excuse you. This time.

Excuse Me??? Excuse You!!!

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