Did You Know?

A boy pens this for his best friend:

I have called your number many times and hung up
I have been afraid
Of hearing your voice, of what I might say

I have kissed your lips a thousand times
In my dreams
During the day
I have hugged and held you very close
wiped all your fears away
In my dreams

It is my dream
For you do not share it with me
So it is my dream

It is a dream
For there is no chance of it becoming reality
So I only dream.

I watch you smile and laugh with him and turn to me and say
How your world has completely changed
Well mine was never the same
Since you came in and changed my world
How is it our worlds changed
Yours cause of him and mine cause of you
Together yet not the same.

You share with me your hopes and dreams
Well what did you expect?
That I would just listen quietly by and not feel anything?
You share with me your hopes and dreams
Of him
and what did you think?
That I would just quietly listen by and not scheme anything?
You share with me everything
and leave it all for him
I know your everything
and want it all for me.

Did you know I hold your heart in my safe?
Did you know I cry and dread the day?
When I give it back to you, slowly in fragile state
Watch you quickly in haste hand it over to him
My hopes, my dreams, my love…all tossed away.

Did You Know?

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