Not by my words and action

I will not cause you to fall. I will not aid in your collapse. I refuse to be a part of your demise.
I will not be a part of this. I am not Made of this, destruction, demise, death, divorce, defeat, demon.

I will honor you, encourage you, reward you.
With words.
I will listen, talk and act.
From Truth.

I will be a shadow that follows you
and not judge.
I will be a fortress that buffers you
but will not intercede.
I will be a voice that calms you
but will not consume.
I will be a thought that comes to you
but will not intrude.
I will be an army around you
but will not invade.
I will be…
a part of but apart from
your Free Will.

For only you can make that choice
to succeed.
And only you can decide who you want to be
and part of me.
Only you control what you give up
and live
and only you determine what you give into
and breathe
and only you know where you are going
to be.
Invite me in, and you will see.
The things you wanted to control
do not mean much to me
and within your limits
I am free
The words you thought you had
you have never used
allow me in and
It is easy, you know what to do. You always had me inside of you.
Invite me in
I am He.

Not by my words and action

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