Love Letter For The Dawn

My dear husband, I smile sweetly at your name. I have always felt this way.My sweet baby, I shudder at your touch, Its been years and I still feel the same.

My awesome companion, I revel at your thoughts. They always inspire me to learn and grow.

My wildest dreams, I love you, I have always felt this way.

For not telling you before,
For not showing you more,
For ignoring how divine our union always has been,
I humbly apologize.

If from this day I may,
Put you first where you always belonged,
Not first in line but first in your rightful place,
That special space,
That always had your name,
Before I listened to all the voices that loved ones claimed.
The truth is, they are not to blame.
For I made that choice, brain gone insane.

So if I may from this day,
Hand you my beloved prince,
The heart and life that was divinely yours,
That we may heal, create and live in our home. Finally, where we both belong.

Love Letter For The Dawn

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