Wedding Speech – Toast To This 2

Today I’m planning my wedding. I have pretty much planned all the details for two different scenarios. Today I decide what wedding plans will take place. Here is where you come in, because you claim to know me so well.So scenario one is simple, it’s a wedding party and guest list of two. The plan is to take the bride and groom, exchange vows usually meant for two, and celebrate in undivided pure love and partnership. Where do you come in? Well, you won’t.

The second has 500 people. I’d have a wedding party of 14, in colors of gold and blue. I’d have the greatest party on earth with celebrations galore. Where do you come in? Well, I would need the judgement, negativity, ill placed statements, unconfirmed opinions, your suspect expectations, advice, good wishes, knowledge, love and compassion. Oh wait… The last few don’t quite describe you.

So my dear, who knows me so well, please choose a scenario that best works for me. What do you believe I would go with, and would you take it personally. Would you believe that I have always known what works best for me, or would you dwell on your hurt feelings. Not that you won’t wish me well on My day, it’s just that you will not if things don’t go Your way. And that contradicts the results for the bride and groom in option 1.

So, wear your title with pride, for it before gave you reason to hide, your horrible thoughts and feelings behind, and tell me as one who claims to know me well: what should I do. I love you, I do, but I believe you know my answer, that this wedding and the speech, will be just for two. Now what you can do? In your own quiet space in mind, toast to this; My celebration of undivided pure love and fellowship, My saying in My way, “I Do”.

Wedding Speech – Toast To This 2

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