Wedding Speech – Toast To This

Why him.
Why not that other nice young man with a future ahead of him.
I prefer the other one, he seems more cultured to me.
He is and acts educated.
He is going places.
He was brought up right.
I like the way he talks, he knows how to reason.
Listen to me, I know you and what is best for you.

Why him. Why him, he is such a joke.
Why him, where is he going in life.
Why him, what is he doing and why.
He doesn’t dress or act the part,
he is definitely a mistake on your part.
Get over that mess, if I didn’t know better I’d think you actually want to marry him.

I know! How laughable is that, that you would want to marry him.

Can you imagine?! Wow, that would get heads spinning.

Give me more juice to judge,
help me feel better about myself.
Let me crucify you about you and him.
Let me not think about my own choices and how great they’ve been.
I’d rather look at you and ask why him.

Why him,

was it a phase?
I still don’t understand.
I am your friend, I am your family,

I know you and what is best for you.

Why him, are you seriously going through with this?
Of course I’m coming to your wedding,
now that why would I miss!
I want to come and privately poke and stare,
pretend I really did care.
I want it not to work so that you can see,
I was right, you should have believed in me.
I need the fodder to digest,
with anyone willing to listen to me ask “why him!”
I will assassinate his character,
kill yours in turn,
for when I speak ill of him, I injure your heart.
I do not care that I insult you and do not respect the choice you’ve made.
I will not consider that in my case,
what I am doing to you, you never did the same.
You stood by my choice because it was never yours to make.
I will not do that, this is not the case.
I will stand here, proudly wear my title as family or friend
and ask again

Why Him.

Wedding Speech – Toast To This

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