While Waiting For The Bus

Hey there, buddy (turns and nods at companion beside him)
ya? (slight nod and turn of the head)
You got a lighter on you I could borrow? (half-smile) Brought the cigarette, just no lighter
Way of the world, ain’t it? (turns and provides lighter, watches, takes it back)

Thanks bud

No prob. Hey, why would you call me buddy or bud and you don’t even know me?
Uhm….(strange side-way glance, slight step away) I don’t know, it’s just something respectful to say I guess, did you prefer hey Stranger?
I don’t know (perplexed expression, eyes searching) I am just curious why you would call me that when you don’t know me or if I am in fact a friend.
Well you’re not my enemy I can tell you that much (laughs out loud). Listen, it’s no biggie, it’s just a word.
I just don’t know if you would say that to me if you knew just where I am coming from waiting for this bus, if you would still ask the lighter of me or call me bud.
Hey, (slight touch on shoulder) I don’t know all that, I don’t see all that. What I know, is that when I needed something, you were there to give it to me. You are not my enemy. You can go ahead and tell me all your dirty little secrets, that’s up to you. Just remember, you too don’t know why I am waiting on this bus, or what I have just come from doing. For now, for three seconds of our lives,it is enough. There’s enough judging in our day don’t you think?
Yes, (stands up taller, takes deep breath) by God you are right! What is wrong with enjoying being looked at with fresh eyes at this very moment.

While Waiting For The Bus

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