Sorry: Simple Word, Hard Truth

In a current world of many options, all it takes to apologize for a grievance is finding the right song or poem to send electronically. Ten minutes, tops.
The downside to this action, is that we put out our good intentions but do nothing in terms of sacrificing the self.
Short term responses to conflict creates long-term problems because the tools used to apologize don’t rectify the situation at its source. Working on an apology requires an analysis of what we’re sorry about and a game plan for the future. A sincere apology shatters expectations for both the injured and the person apologizing. It forces honesty for both parties.

Heartfelt apologies are windows to increasing our self, and other knowledge, as well as sustaining relationships that mean so much to us. We learn to understand others and appreciate being understood. But to get to this point, we first must start at the point of honesty. Honesty is foundation-building, because sending flowers, cards and songs works as band aids.  Will you sprinkle honesty with the apologies you serve?
Sorry: Simple Word, Hard Truth

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