Today, Tomorrow, Forever? I Do.

Today I met my husband. 
He was always standing in front of me. 
He was like my shadow, a constant I just failed to see. 
He was by my side while I searched for the one, he held my tears and gave me a smile, taught me through it all, my search was still worthwhile.

He used different things and people to talk to me, did not give up, for you see, I was his bride, he had always chosen me. 

With those same loving eyes, his love and patience multiplied, with every rebellious act his hold remained, for he knew what I would see someday. 

Today I met my husband. He did not punish me. He threw a banquet, lavished me with gifts, freely and lovingly welcomed me. 

Today I met my husband, I do, I do, I do. I give you all of me (Luke 15:11-32).
Today, Tomorrow, Forever? I Do.

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