Power of Thought – Part Two – Which Voice Speaks?

The second essay in the series, Power of Thought, looks at our first thoughts and perception. The focus of the essay is on the origin of the perceptions. 

A multitude of complimentary and conflicting internal and external factors rule our thoughts. We are aware of the impact of childhood experiences, upbringing, societal expectations, peer influence, and our own internal coping mechanisms in our lives. But are we aware of how our thoughts come about from these existing frames of reference?

At any time we can tell where thoughts are but this is difficult to do as they mostly take place subconsciously.  More commonly, it’s easier to give in to the immediate thoughts that take place because being acutely aware of our thought processes involves a lot of internal checks. 

Thought checks occur effortlessly once we are honest with ourselves to use the tools within us. Honesty requires strength as we won’t always seem flattering. 

An aggressive thought checking process identifies and immediately reprogram our reactions for a favourable outcome. Reflecting on the origin of our existing notions allows us to keep what worked in the past and release what doesn’t work. It does not mean that we are shedding our identities; rather, we are growing into them.

Power of Thought – Part Two – Which Voice Speaks?

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