Power of Thought – Introduction

This series of posts specifically explores ways in which our minds filter  information that govern our daily lives. The object of such an exploration is to find and redefine those thoughts and actions that intentionally/unintentionally undermine our capacity to become the best each person could be.
It is through conversations with ourselves, that we may find “sites of trauma” that need to be addressed, and as experts of our own bodies (you are your own CEO), begin to repair or build only what is most beneficial to ourselves.
This is not advocating a selfish or monolithic approach to problem solving. Rather, promoting self-awareness and intuitive use of tools that are inherent to each one of us, serves a greater purpose in that one is able to better control his/her reaction, thus increasing more positive outcomes, as opposed to giving in to previous coping and or communication strategies.
This is the introduction to a series of essays about our minds, what we say to ourselves, and what these thoughts really mean, once we understand where they are coming from. No amount of well paid and highly skilled professional can do this for you. You are your own CEO and ultimately responsible for any decisions filtered down that you start, coördinate and execute.  No amount of amateur or professional blogger can do this for you. Again, you do decide what you want to hear.
This however, is an invitation to stop talking, and really listen to what your mind, body and soul have tried to tell you all along. You always knew and had the answers… the real ones…the ones that only lead to success…they just were muddled up with a whole bunch of voices in your head that you allowed to play.
Power of Thought – Introduction

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